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The Devil Conspiracy Ending Explained: Does Lucifer Die?

The Devil Conspiracy
The Devil Conspiracy: [ Credits- Samuel Goldwyn]

Heard about The Devil Conspiracy the recently released film? Is it worth your time? What exactly happened in the end of the film? The recently released scientific horror film has successfully grasped the attention of the viewers. The film is produced and written by Ed Alan.

The film is directed by Nathan Frankowski and is distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films. The film released in theatres on January 13, 2023 in United States and has a run time of 111 minutes. The outstanding cinematography for the film is done by Milan Chadima. The movie was filmed in the Czech Republic and didn’t receive positive response from the viewers.

The lead cast of the film includes Alice Orr-Ewing as Laura Milton, Joe Doyle father Of Michael, Eveline Hall as Liz, Peter Mensah as Archangel, Joe Anderson as Lucifer, and Spencer Wilding as Ground Beast. The supporting cast of the film includes Brian Caspe as Dr. Laurent, James Faulkner as Cardinal, Victoria Chilap as Brenda, and Wendy Rosas as Sophia. The film is quite a mess with no clear indication of what it wants to portray.

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The Devil Conspiracy- Ending Explained

The film begins with Lucifer rebelling against the Gods with a group of fallen angels as he thinks they did him wrong. The war with the Gods ends with Lucifer and his fallen angels being banished to hell. Miachel the archangel of justice is Lucifer’s brother who goes down to hell to imprison his brother in hell forever.

The Devil Conspiracy

The Devil Conspiracy Poster- [ Credits- Third Day Productions]

Lucifer begs Miachel to take his side which falls deaf to Michael’s ears. The times have changed and the movie moves forward to modern times. The Shroud of Turin is been displayed in an exhibit which is being pursued by Lauren as she wants to write a thesis on it. She wanted to write about her views on good and evil and their impact in one’s life.

The film then shows Dr. Laurent is seen showing the potential investors his cloning company and the prospect of resurrecting previous geniuses. The company is revealed to be a cult who’re trying to free Lucifer and the fallen angels in disguise of making a new discovery. The cult is lead by Liz who’s ruthless in her ways. Liz enters the exhibit after killing a guard. She severs the guard’s head and uses it to unlock the security of the shroud.

She is followed by Marconi who is later killed by Liz. Lauren hides and witnesses the murder; thus, she is held captive by Liz and her men. Before Marconi dies, he requests Miachel to use his body to fight Lucifer. There is a prophecy revealed to Miachel about kid being born by a wicked woman and a beast of Earth who’ll act as Lucifer’s vessel to Earth.

The reason behind Liz stealing the shroud is revealed to be the requirement of Jesus DNA. Meanwhile Lucifer breaks free from his chains in the hell. The film follows Lauren as she is brought to the cult’s location with three other girls. Each of these girls are tested to find the perfect woman to fulfill the prophecy. Sophia and Lauren are brought to the beast dressed as brides.

The beast takes them to hell where Lucifer first enters Sophia and she is found to be inadequate. Lucifer kills Sophia and enters Lauren who is found to be a perfect match. Miachel enters the facility by killing the guards and recues Lauren. Miachel is helped by the previously trapped humans and is told to retrieve a sword to kill Lucifer.

The Devil Conspiracy

A Still From The Devil Conspiracy – [ Credits- Third Day Film] 

Miachel tries to help Lauren escapes but she ends up stabbing him as she is possessed by Lucifer at the moment. Lauren gives birth a healthy baby after which Liz pushes Lauren in Hell’s portal. Liz walks out and kills the cult members and Laurent for the baptism of the baby.

Miachel returns after rescuing Lauren and they attack Liz together. They manage to take the baby to safety. Time flies by and the baby has grown up to be of a young age. Liz is shown lurking in the shadows whispering Lucifer’s name in the proximity of the child. The film ends on a cliffhanger showing Lucifer’s mist upon his nose.

A New Start For Lauren

Lauren with Miachel returns to St. Michel Cathedral where the pastor tries to baptize the chills. The scene shows Laura being bald as Lucifer raided her body for energy during the pregnancy. The film shows the sharp contrast between the Lauren in the beginning and the Lauren now.

She covers her head with a scarf and regrets her earlier statement where she states that she doesn’t believe in demons and angels. The once carefree Laura is now burdened by the responsibility of a child she didn’t even want. 

Did Lucifer And Liz Survive?

The film ends on a cliffhanger with Liz having survived the destruction. Laura and Cardinal are not destined to live their lives in peace. The end scene of the film flashes forwards a few years where a young toddler is shown. Laura and Cardinal are showing cheerfully playing with the kid who’s named Miachel after his savior. Michael explained earlier about Jesus’s body being the only vessel powerful enough to let Lucifer enter and stay.

The Devil Conspiracy

A Demon Attempting An Attack On Michael [ Credits – Third Day Productions] 

Lucifer is shown being held captive in the toddler’s body instead of being chained in the hell. The prison can be as strong as Jesus itself but it takes a power greater than that to hold the God of evil itself. The films final moments shows Liz successfully finding her master Lucifer in the end. She calls him Lucifer and a black serpent shaped mist appears out of the boy’s mouth. This indicates maybe this isn’t the end for Miachel, Lauren and Lucifer.

Will There Be A Sequel Of The Devil Conspiracy?

As the film ended on an interesting cliffhanger, there are chances of the film having a sequel made for it. The film may not have a sequel as it didn’t receive a positive response from the audience. So, there is a fifty-fifty chance of a sequel being made.

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