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Al Thaman Episode 47: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Al Thaman Episode 47
Al Thaman Episode 47

Al Thaman, also known as “The Price,” is a popular series from Lebanon. From the first episode of the series to the latest, the show seems to enjoy really impressive ratings. First episode aired on January 8 of 2023 and is still ongoing. This Arabic drama is all worthy for binge watching due to the twisted yet unique story plot. The series is set with 50episodes in total, while it’s on 45th and heading fast to last. The duration time varies from 45-50 minutes per episode. 

The drama is an adaptation version of the original drama with the name “Binbir Gece,” which is also known as “1001 Nights,” from the year 2006. Today in the article we will be knowing the streaming platforms, updates regarding Al Thaman Episode 47 and some recap from previous episode. 

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The Plot of the Series: Al Thaman

The plot of the story revolves around Sarah and Zein, along with their hate-love romantic story. The whole show revolves around these two characters, their enemy to lovers phase and the struggles to protect their love and loved ones. Sarah is a single mother who is a divorcée as well whereas Zein is a successful businessman who lost his faith in love and women.

Sarah, the female lead has a child named Ibrahim who is suffering from serious illness, luekemia. By profession she is an architect but currently she is struggling a lot to find a suitable and stable job. Her friend named Tima, came to her rescue with the offer to work with the company she works in already. Hence Sarah goes to interview in the company which is owned by Zein himself.

Zein is a cruel man by behavior but is very successful name in business. He and his friend named Karam have a business partnership of a successful brand. Karam and Zein both are polar opposite personalities. Karam on one hand is a kind and sweet person then Zein is a cold behavior man. He has this playboy type personality after a serious betrayal in love. 

Sarah encounters Zein on the day of the interview as she was interviewed by him. There Sarah faces cold reactions from Zein whereas she was later welcomed well by Karam. She successfully managed to get the job but the irony is she needed to hide the fact of being married or being a mother, which later created a lot of fuss between the main characters. 

Al Thaman (from left to right- Ibrahim, Zein and Sarh) (Credits IMDb)

Al Thaman (from left to right- Ibrahim, Zein and Sarah) (Credits IMDb)

Sarah joins the company and does her best while maintaining a balanced life between hospital and office. Ibrahim, Sarah’s son, is a patient of cancer and is under regular medication and treatment. Even though Sarah seems busy with her work, still she somehow manages to pay regular visits to her ill son. 

But this doesn’t seem to work well for long, one day Sarah needs to attend an important business meeting with the staff and clients but she arrives late for the meeting. This incident created rifts between Zein and then he decided to pick on Sarah. Suddenly due to extreme conditions Ibrahim’s condition got worse and now Sarah needs a huge amount of money, urgently. 

Sarah being helpless approaches Zein and asks to let her borrow the amount but Zein being cold, asks her to spend the night with him and then he will offer the required money to her. This put Sarah into a tight-spot of right and wrong, but when Zein got to know the real reason later, he felt shameful for his words and doings. From there the drama revolves around the newly budding romance between Sarah and Zein and Zein being father figure for Ibrahim. 

Al Thaman Episode 46: Recap

Sarah is constantly fighting from the people who want her and Zein to go separate ways. Meanwhile her son, Ibrahim is in constant danger as well. The external factors are coming together to break both Zein and Sarah apart. Her relationship with Zein seems to be in constant watch and surrounded by various traps. 

Al Thaman (Left- Zein Right- Sarah)

Al Thaman (Left- Zein; Right- Sarah)

On the other hand Zein is trying his best to protect both Sarah and Ibrahim but his rivalry with Nasser seems to get worse and worse by the time. While fighting with others for his love Zein is confronted by Sarah, who is determined to set the line while coming clear. How will this situation turn out in future? And will both Sarah and Zein be able to save their love and Ibrahim from the enemies, to find this keep your eyes on “Al Thaman Epsiode 47”. 

Al Thaman Episode 47: Release Date & Time

Al Thaman Episode 47 is all ready and set to be launched on the respective streaming platforms. Viewers can watch Al Thaman Episode 47 on the fixed date, 15th March 2023. The schedule release for the series is fixed for every day, excluding Friday and Saturday. Audiences can enjoy the show for the rest of the days without much delay or wait at 6 am EST. The run time of the show is about 50 minutes. The time schedules according to the different time zones for “Al Thaman Episode 47” are written below.

  • Indian Standard Time (India) – 4:30 PM, 15th March 2023
  • China Standard Time (China) – 7: 00 PM, 15th March 2023
  • Korean Standard Time (South Korea) – 8:00 PM, 15th March 2023
  • Pacific Standard Time (USA) – 3:00 AM, 15 th March 2023
  • Central Standard Time (Canada) – 5:00 AM, 15th March 2023
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia) – 9:30 PM, 15th March 2023

Al Thaman Episode 47: Where to watch

Al Thaman Episode 47 will be available for viewers on native channels and streaming platforms according to the zone. UAE viewers can enjoy the new update of Al Thaman Episode 47 on the MBC television network channels. The series is also available on MBC Shahid for the countries operating MBC Channels. The platform also offers other Arabic dramas and movies to watch. To enjoy all these contents, viewers need to subscribe to the platform and buy the VIP package of $11.19.

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