Who Is Kosovare Asllani’s Partner? The Footballer’s Secretive Love Life

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Who Is Kosovare Asllani's Partner?
Kosovare Asllani (Credits: The Real Champs)

Want to know about Kosovare Asllani’s partner? The Swedish footballer is making headlines as she is tired of crying about losing the championship against Spain. That’s okay! Better luck next time! Keeping that aside, what fans are more concerned about is who Kosovare is romantically related to. Who is her love interest? 

Kosovare Asllani is a versatile footballer who currently serves for the Serie A club AC Milan. As far as her position is concerned, she plays as an attacking midfielder. Not to forget to mention, Kosovare also plays for the national team, representing Sweden. 

Born in 1989, Kosovare Asllani hails from Kristianstad. Before AC Milan, she served for various other teams such as- Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Linkopings FC, Chicago Red Stars, and many more. As far as Kosovare’s sports achievements are concerned, she won a bronze medal at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Also, she won a couple of silver medals in the Olympics in 2016 and 2020, respectively. 

Coming back to Kosovare Asllani’s personal life, the footballer is very much of a secretive person. She likes to keep it low-key, always. To her, relationships are very important and can’t be dealt with casually. But, Kosovare never disclosed anything about her love life, because of which things are very confusing. What do you think? Here is what we know about Kosovare Asllani’s partner. 

Who Is Kosovare Asllani's Partner?
Kosovare Asllani (Credits: Hayat Life)

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Kosovare Asllani’s Partner: Everything To Know

Talking about her love interest, Kosovare Asllani’s partner is possibly no one at this moment. In other words, we may address Kosovare Asllani to be single as of 2023. As mentioned earlier, the Swedish footballer never disclosed anything about having someone special in life. Because of this, it’s safe enough to consider her enjoying her singlehood. 

In recent years, Kosovare Asllani didn’t get spotted with anyone suspicious. Also, if you follow her on social media, you wouldn’t find Kosovare posting any picture with anyone that would highlight her relationship detail. Based on everything that’s very much visible, the safest thing to assume is Kosovare Asllani’s partner be no one. 

Who Is Kosovare Asllani's Partner?
Kosovare Asllani (Credits: Goal)

It’s unknown if Kosovare Asllani ever got romantically related to anyone. It seems like a big no for her. Moreover, she never sparked any significant dating rumors so far. Not everyone falls in love so easily. Looking at Kosovare, she appears to be very much dedicated to her football career. 

Since Kosovare Asllani is now in her mid-30s, many wonder if she is married. Well, the AC Milan star didn’t drop any hint to date. Also, she didn’t get spotted wearing a wedding band ever. So, it is likely to call her unmarried as of August 2023. 

Best wishes to Kosovare Asllani for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow this AC Milan star, Kosovare, on her Instagram account for more updates. Also, considering Kosovare Asllani’s partner to be no one at the moment, we are hopeful that she will find someone real soon. 

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