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The Journey Of Chong Zi Episode 31 & 32: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

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The Journey Of Chong Zi trailer

The Journey of Chong Zi Episodes 31 and 32, is available here. Fans worldwide are excited to recap the last episode and reveal The Journey of Chong Zi episodes 31 and 32 release date and story guide. Here is a quick recap of the latest episode before moving on to the release date and summary guide.

The Xingcan staff is one of many magical implements. Still, it is not particularly striking because it is inherently true and does not frequently identify evil people as the primary ones. Also, while the magic staff is a less effective attacker than the sword, it provides more than adequate defense.

Due to Chong Zi’s wickedness, Luo Yinfan ordered him to lay down the sword and pick up the staff. The magic weapon and she will complement one another by being less intelligent, more restrained, and mindful of good deeds.

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A quick recap

Chong Zi has been practicing tirelessly every day since receiving the staff, but she has long since mastered the art of flying with the sword. Yet as Chong Zi continued to acquire spells, Yu Du grew increasingly concerned that she would find it hard to influence Chong Zi’s devilish nature.

The Journey Of Chong Zi trailer

A still from the show. Cr: Viki

As a result, Luo Yinfan swore to learn the art of the mirror heart to stop Chong Zi from turning into a demon. Chong Zi would try to cook various delicacies for Luo Yinfan and cast spells. Even if the pastries had a very unpleasant flavor, the good master couldn’t bear to undermine his apprentice’s confidence.

As was customary, the regular contacts that followed were filled with laughter, and Chong Zi and Luo Yinfan’s sentiments for one another also subtly evolved. After learning that Chu Bufu still holds the sword of Nilun and that Gong Keran has been incarcerated in Kunlun, Luo Yinfan decides to travel there alone.

Luo Yinfan instructed Chongzi in the Lingtai seal before departing. These seals, which the mythological gods fashioned, are utilized for safeguarding one’s mind and soul as well as to save others in dire situations. Chong Zi noticed that something about the silk scroll, as it slowly rose and unfurled in midair, looked very similar, and when he gave it some consideration, he realized that it was his older brother’s white protecting seal.

Chong Zi was quite uneasy because he assumed the older brother in white would have been most likely one of the Three Thousand Immortals’ students who sadly perished while escorting the magic sword. To avoid having hatred mislead her mind and summon demons, Luo Yinfan advised her to keep in mind the second rule of Zizhu Peak.

Gong Keran was summoned as soon as Luo Yinfan arrived at the Kunlun Academy, but she refused to provide Chu Bufu’s location rather than live. As the youthful royal lord, the Changsheng Palace was ruined, and he even intended to cover up his opponents.

Because he had previously done something that insulted the eternal sect, the head instructor was outraged and scolded Gong Keran. Even if he cannot prevent Chu from turning into a demon, Gong Keran would still not pull him back since certain members of the fairy cult are seeking glory and renown and are not moral individuals.

Gong Keran made fun of them for using him to make Chu promise not to appear again. Accepting Gong Keran’s arguments, Luo Yinfan warned the principal not to use force against him. When the words were spoken, Chu Bufu showed up to defend Gong Keran; many students were poisoned, and even the head instructor could not flee.

The Journey Of Chong Zi trailer

A still from the show. Cr: Viki

Chu Bufu pulled himself up and took off after declining to respond to Luo Yinfan’s query. The remainder of the group followed Luo Yinfan as he made his way directly to Yingzhou. Yan Zhenzhu went here to tell Chongzi that she could slip into the team to soothe the pain of emotional neediness because she was about to accompany Qin Ke’s squad to Kunlun.

Before Mu Yu stepped out to agree and made arrangements for Qin Ke to require control of Chong Zi more attentively while retaining Min Yunzhong again for the time being so that nothing else would happen, Qin Ke first refused to heed Chong Zi’s appeal.

The Journey of Chong Zi Ep. 31 and 32’s release date

The Journey of Chong Zi episodes 31 and 32’s release date is March 7, 2023. The Journey of Chong Zi episodes 31 and 32 will premiere via Tencent Video at 6 p.m. in Beijing.

  • For the watchers in India: 3:30 p.m. IST
  • For the watchers in Australia: 9:00 p.m. AEST
  • For the viewers of the Philippines: 6:00 p.m. PHT
  • For the watchers in Japan: 7:00 p.m. JST
  • For the viewers in South Korea: 7:00 p.m. KST

The Journey of Chong Zi, Episodes 31 and 32: Where to Watch

The Journey of Chong Zi episodes 31 and 32 will premiere via We TV, Viki, and MGTV at the times we listed above. The family must pay six dollars for Viki, while there are several plans to choose from for the other streaming options.

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