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Bleach Anime’s Return In 2021 – Exclusive Interview Wish Voice Actor

Earlier this year, all speculation about the return of Bleach’s anime were put to rest after an official return was confirmed for 2021. We don’t have an exact date yet for its release and we have also seen delays in the production due to COVID-19. However, we have seen some good news about the anime’s return in a recent interview with the voice actor of Shūhei Hisagi and Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Steve Staley.

In the exclusive interview with myself only a few weeks prior, Staley spoke of his excitement towards working on the upcoming Bleach anime again and even wore a Bleach T-Shirt for the occasion. The production will start again soon, with it being the first time since the anime’s cancellation in 2012, that we will see another episode.

Bleach Anime’s Return In 2021 – Exclusive Interview Wish Voice Actor

The anime, unlike the Bleach manga, ended after the Fullbring arc. As for the manga though, that continued for some years afterwards and produced some amazing content. The arcs that followed explained more about Ichigo’s father, the Quincy’s, as well as the final arc “The 1,000 Year Blood War.”

Sadly though, the Bleach manga was also cancelled, which means that the manga ended abruptly. That abrupt ending left a lot of things un-answered, un-explored and rushed. It’s now possible with the Bleach anime returning, that we could get the closure for some of those questions.

Bleach Anime’s Return In 2021 – Exclusive Interview Wish Voice Actor

With the Bleach anime retuning, the production crew will likely extend the content with anime-only episodes and may even animate some of the side-novels, just as Naruto Shippuden did in its final days. You can check out the exclusive interview with Steve Staley on the Nerds4Life YouTube channel through the video below. Staley is also the voice behind Neji Hyuga in Naruto Shippuden and one of the directors behind Demon Slayer. In the interview, he spoke about his future works with both, as well as Bleach.