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AI Death Prediction Filter on Tiktok Explained

Are you one of them who is unaware of the AI Death Prediction Filter on Tiktok? If so, we will get you covered here. No worries! The platform often surprises us with crazy trends, including filters, slang, and challenges. At present, the AI Death Prediction Filter is the trendiest one. Many people on this earth are interested in knowing about their death period and cause. On the other hand, others find it disturbing and scary. The latter one is pretty obvious. Who would like to know the details of their tragic death? However, if you consider it a game, it’s interesting! 

If you are up for some fun with the AI Death Prediction Filter, this article is exactly the right place for you. Let’s dive in! 

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AI Death Prediction Filter On Tiktok Details

There is this AI greenscreen that is responsible for creating a disturbing effect of the user’s death. Well, you need to record a video using this Death Prediction Filter, adding some relevant background music. The hashtag ‘MyDeath’ has garnered more than 13 million views. One user has commented, “This filter is creeping the living shh out of me.” If you want to participate in this, you have to go for ‘my death in the search bar. Some of the outcomes aren’t scary at all but are funny. 

To make the death result more realistic and intriguing, don’t forget to add a great shocking caption. Witnessing death results aren’t easy. You have to gather your gut to use the AI Death Prediction Filter. It’s all for fun, and nothing serious! There is an alternative way to join this. One can also use the eerie sound which is again very much trending on the platform. More than 40.3K people across the world have been using this sound. 

If you aren’t on Tiktok but are desperate enough to participate in the AI Death Prediction Filter, there is another option for you. It is also available on Instagram. Now, you are good to go! 

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