What Does CC Mean On Tiktok? The Social Media Acronym Explained

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What Does CC Mean On Tiktok
What does CC stand for? (Credit: TikTok)

What is the meaning of CC on Tiktok? In the last few years, you must have noticed that such acronyms, filters, and slang are doing rounds on social media. Right? This is more particularly happening on Tiktok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Talking about the usage, people also mention it in the chat box, and it is not limited to posts. That’s nice! 

It’s very difficult for people to stay updated about every new slang that pops up. Now, it’s time for CC. Well, CC has multiple meanings, just like most of the other acronyms. You will be surprised to know that CC is very much helpful for Tiktok users who have a hearing impairment. Or someone who doesn’t like videos having subtitles. How? We shall get to it soon. On the other hand, it is also addressed to couples at times. It works like an adjective, though. 

Another thing! Not everyone likes CC. It’s quite obvious, though. Everything in this world has both positive and negative sides. Similarly, CC has it too. Well, this CC trend on social media has lately become very much thoughtful. Isn’t it? But the question is- what does CC stand for? If you are looking for what CC means, here are your answers. 

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CC Meaning On TikTok Explained 

As mentioned already, CC has different meanings. However, the primary one is “Closed Captioning.” What does that mean? To the newbies, closed captions are the text version of whatever audio a video has. Makes sense? Yes!

People who have a hearing impairment can easily understand the context of the video by reading the CC. It has another advantage too. For example, if one is traveling somewhere and can’t keep the sound on. In that case, he can mute the video and still watch it by reading the CC. That’s nice! Also, when there is a huge noise in the background or when one can’t understand the accent, CC becomes useful.

What Does CC Mean On Tiktok
Usage of CC, which means Closed Captioning (Credit: TikTok)

However, not everyone likes this “closed captioning” feature. There is one reason. The text that appears on the screen may be distracting. Why? Because it will cover a part of the video. So, it turns out to be “extremely annoying and disturbing” to some. 

On Tiktok, people use CC as a hashtag for their videos only to let others know that it has subtitles. So they can watch it anytime, anywhere, without any issue. In other words, Tiktok users manually add texts, matching what they said to the videos. The hashtag CC has garnered millions of views and likes on TikTok now. 

What about other meanings? Yes, that’s the one that is addressed to couples at times. CC also stands for “Cute Couple.” Wow! That’s cute too. For example: “Elina and John make such a CC.” Friends often use this in a conversation. It’s a form of praising a couple. 

The meaning of CC doesn’t end here. It has another meaning too. CC can also mean “Carbon Copy.” This one has less usage compared to the other two mentioned above, especially not in Tiktok. However, the meaning still stands there upright. Here, CC mainly refers to a copy of the email, letter, or memo. It has something very less to do with social media or entertainment. 

Coming back to the primary and the most significant meaning of CC on Tiktok – Closed Captioning, you know it all now. What are you waiting for? To keep the trending one, make sure you come up with a nice Tiktok story and add CC to it. 

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