Top 15 Period Romance Dramas On Netflix

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Period dramas are the source to give us that warm and cozy feeling inside which people might be missing. They are like the perfect form of escapist comfort which we want from our current status quo. Living in these uncertain times, everyone needs comfort and a provisional closure to all the chaos that has been happening worldwide. Well, Netflix got you covered as the OTT platform is streaming some of our favorites and absolutely incredible period romance dramas that give us the perfect creations to bask in the golden age. I will be lying if I say that I am not intrigued by the corsets, fancy ball gowns, and crowns that make me crave more for period entertainment. Whatever the reason is, a high dose of Period Romance Dramas is definitely the call.

In this article, we will list the top 15 Period Romance Dramas that are people’s all-time favorites and are incredible in their storylines and give us the perfect warmth, which is the niche of period romances. We will be focusing on all those period romance movies which are available on Netflix. Let’s get into the guide to the best Period Romance Dramas of a bygone era.

15. Alias Grace

The film is based on Margaret Atwood’s award-winning novel and is set in the 19th century. The movie focuses on a psychiatrist who has different opinions and debates on whether a murderess should be excused because of her abnormality and insaneness. The film is gripping and engaging throughout and an absolute treat for all those who are an enthusiast when it comes to period dramas.

14. Cable Girls

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

The drama is a television series that has six seasons in total. All the seasons are available on Netflix. As far as the storyline is concerned, Cable Girls is set in 1920s Madrid and depicts the story of four women who are hired at the National Telephone Company. The series focuses on all those new changes and opportunities in their lives which come along their journey.

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13. Jane Eyre

Based on one of Charlotte Bronte’s epics, this 2011 remake of her beloved novel is everything fancy, fun, and incredible. Having Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, and Jamie Bell in the lead roles, it portrays the story of a young governess named Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) who begins to develop a romantic bond with her boss Edward Rochester (Fassbender). Later on, she discovers that he is concealing a terrible secret inside him, which leads to a massive turn in the story.

12. Pride and Prejudice

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

Talking about the 1995 six-part period drama of BBC special, this was one of the first dramatized versions of Jane Austen’s most-loved novel. The drama is still considered as one of the perfect adaptations of the novel. A six-hour binge-watch session will engage you in the lives of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy that will entertain you most exquisitely.

11. Poldark

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

The story is about Ross Poldark, portrayed by Aidan Turner, who is a British Army Officer and returns to his home in Cornwall after the American War of Independence. Later on, the story reveals that on his return, he found out that his fiancée Elizabeth Chynoweth believed him dead all this while and is about to marry his cousin Francis. This movie will set you to an exciting tale of love, loss, and then recurring love once again.

10. Colette

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

The film premiered in 2018, where the protagonist Gabrielle Colette (Keira Knightley) weds a successful Parisian writer named Henry Gauthier-Villars. The man is popularly known as Willy and is transplanted from his childhood home in France. After their marriage, Willy convinces his wife to ghostwrite him and Collete, in turn, writes a semi-autobiographical novel about a witty girl named Claudine, which ultimately becomes the bestseller.

9. The Crown

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

This on-screen spectacle of a drama features the personal lives, conspiracies, and controversies of the Royal Family of London. In the first two seasons, Queen Elizabeth is played by the absolutely amazing Claire Foy, who steps into the monarchy. The show revolves around how the decisions affect the Royal Family and what is the reality behind their highly privileged lives.

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8. North and South

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

The movie is an adaptation of one of the works of Elizabeth Gaskell. The film features the story of a privileged Southern belly Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe), who is forced to start her life in the industrial town of Milton. The movie depicts her struggles and hardships, and how ultimately she puts a full stop to that story.

7. Sense and Sensibility

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

Jane Austen’s novels bring the perfect kind of period drama into our lives. Another movie adaptation of one of her novels is about the Dashwood sisters, whose social and economic conditions start to alter after the demise of their father. Kate Winslet, cast alongside Emma Thompson, portrays the perfect Dashwood sisters who are forced to move out from their family home and start a new life in the countryside. There they meet several dashing suitors who join them on their journey as the perfect companions.

6. Lady Charlotte’s Lover

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

The lover is this movie is played by Richard Madden. The movie portrays him as the hunky gardener who ultimately becomes the love interest of Lady Charlotte, played by Holliday Grainger. The 90-minute movie is a gripping one and will keep you engaged with the story throughout.

5. The King

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

Timothee Chalamet, the super talented actor, plays the role of the wayward Prince Hal in the movie. The prince must turn from carouser as he faces enmity and controversies from both sides of his castle walls in a battle for England. The movie shows his entire journey of his thick and thin and how he tackled what comes in his way.

4. Lady J

Top 15 period romance dramas on Netflix

Our new Netflix obsession is a period drama about the incredible woman who Lady J is. The show is of gripping nature as it doesn’t follow the suppressed and traditional trajectory of period drama romances. The drama focuses on our main protagonist Lady J who doesn’t succumb herself to society and seeks her revenge with the help of two prostitutes.

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3. Young Victoria

The movie features the effortless Emily Blunt, who portrays the character of an 18-year-old British royal Queen Victoria who ascends the throne. In this lush period-themed-romance drama, the romance between Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert is screened out beautifully and gives details about the life of one of the greatest queens ever lived.

2. The Duchess

The Duchess is a 2008 period drama movie that centers on the life of the English Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire. The protagonist in the movie is played by Keira Knightley, and with her beautiful and effortless acting, she looks stunning in the role of the Duchess of Devonshire. As far as its storyline is concerned, the plot takes you on a journey through Georgina’s loveless marriage and the sexual double-standards of the time. Also, the movie never fails to showcase the poor treatment of women in the 18th century and how even the Duchess was a subject of it.

1. The Tudors

The British Royal family is a perfect treat for period dramas as it perfectly lends itself to the originality of the history and showcases them to the audience of today. The Tudors is a television series that takes you all the way back to the reign of Henry VIII. In total, there are four seasons of it where each season covers a significant aspect of the king’s life. If you are into period dramas, and perhaps after binge-watching The Crown, want an extra dose of the Royal family, then this series is for you as it shadows all the phases of Henry’s life, starting from his fallout with the Pope to his marriage to Anne Boleyn. The drama also covers the reformation revolts of his time.

Well, the list has come to an end. All these dramas are available on Netflix, and with a subscription fee, you can get the authentic feel of the forgone times through these amazing period romances.

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