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Who is Emma Marie’s Boyfriend? The Well-Known Youtube Couple

Emma Marie’s boyfriend is a topic much talked about. But, it’s not so hard to find out about her boyfriend as she is a well-known YouTube and social media personality. Her YouTube channel is called Emma and Ellie’s family and has over 1.2 million subscribers. This easily puts her on the list of one of the most famous YouTubers in the world. Having a YouTube channel with more than a million subscribers while you’re still in high school is not an easy feat. But Emma Marie, along with her sister Ellie has achieved it.

She posts not only her cheer choreographies, dances, vlogs, and other videos about pets, DIYs, and much more. Emma has always been very quiet about her relationships, but this year she did a couple of videos with her boyfriend. She released a vlog about her family trip where she introduced us viewers to her boyfriend. She also did a two-part Q and A video with her boyfriend.

Apart from all of this, we haven’t seen her boyfriend in anything else or any more of her videos. So, it’s only usual that we, as her viewers, get curious about him. So, here is all we could find about Emma Marie’s boyfriend.

Emma Marie’s Boyfriend and Past Relationships

Emma Marie is currently dating a teenager of the same age, Ryan. In one of her Q and A videos, Ryan and Emma talked about how they have been getting so much hate about her dating history online. She also expressed how people had been bullying her online, saying that she is making up a boyfriend and she’s not actually in any relationship.

However, Emma Marie introduced us to her current boyfriend in February of this year in a family trip video. In the same month, they did a Q and A video where they talked about their relationship, how they met, and answered many other questions to quell our curiosity.

Emma Marie's Boyfriend


How Emma Marie Met Her Boyfriend?

Emma met her boyfriend, Ryan, through one of her friends. In one of her videos, Emma says she asked her friend Ellie to introduce her to some guys. Her friend introduced her to not only one but three guys. Later, Emma found out that Ryan and she had one class together. Emma said they didn’t talk to each other during that class, but they did see each other.

Ryan also answered by saying that they are in the same grade and same school, confirming that they are true of the same age. Talking about how long they have been dating, Emma said that they got into relation in November of 2021. So, as of July 2022, they have been dating for eight months.

On a more affectionate note, Emma and Ryan noted what they liked most about each other. Ryan mentioned how he liked her eyes and her caring personality. Emma said she loved his smile and his extroverted nature. She also said, “I love how Ryan makes me feel about myself”. About their favorite thing to do together, they said they love to go on long walks with each other. She said it was so because when they first met each other and hung out, they were on a walk.

Emma Marie's Boyfriend

Emma Marie Past Relationships

Emma Marie is only 18 years old. She is still in high school, and at such a young age, it is unusual for her to have had more than a couple of relationships. Aside from her current boyfriend that she has revealed online, she has not talked about any other relationships or boyfriends online. So, it is very likely that her current relationship, though not her first, could be one of her first relationships.

Throughout her numerous vlogs, Emma Marie and Ryan were affectionate and sweet with each other. Additionally, they have always been nice and sweet on the off chance we get to see her boyfriend in any of her vlogs. So, this was all about Emma Marie’s boyfriend. After observing them on YouTube, we are sure that they are in a very healthy and strong relationship, and we wish them all the very best!

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