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Who Is The Terrorist In Quantico Season 1?

Terrorist In Quantico Season 1
The Terrorist In Quantico Season 1

The Terrorist In Quantico Season 1 has been a question of many these days. Quantico came and went, leaving us with a lot of questions, like the objective of terrorists. We would like to know more about the series, but it seems it has stopped for good and will not be coming back anytime soon. Though, if you are a fan of thrillers and action, you should watch the show if you haven’t yet. This article will contain spoilers for the show, and we will not be held accountable if you decide to watch it later. Furthermore, we will also be talking about the major plot points of the show to dig into how the espionage terrorist worked.

Who Is The Terrorist In Quantico Season 1

The following section will talk in full length about the show and if you are someone who hasn’t watched the show but want to, avoid this. We will be talking from start to finish about how the plot goes and who the real terrorist was. This will be your only warning about the spoilers of the show.

The plot follows Alex, portrayed by Priyanka Chopra, as she finishes her Traigin but soon becomes the target of terrorism in the recent incidents that led many to believe she was involved… Sure of her innocence, she runs away with the help of her Mentor, Miranda. From there on, the show rolls into this ride of thrill and mystery as Alex runs away while also learning about the truth of the Terrorist attack on Grand Central Terminal. While all this happens, the main mastermind works from the shadows and works to hype everyone to put everyone on her tail. Though just like any dramatic plot, the story is seen through the perspective of the chosen few, and we are seeing the perspective of all the people involved.

Terrorist In Quantico Season 1

CC: Quantico Franchise

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Quantico Season 1 also has a romance between Ryan and Alex. Ryan is the agent who has been put onto her by the CIA. But he soon falls to her charm and the two start dating, but their relationship is on and off throughout the series with no conclusion. It is one of the reasons why the fans want a sequel. But the main story trues to the mystery element. And in the last moment ( of the season), Alex was able to figure out who framed it, and we got an action finale wrapping up the story. And, of course, The Terrorist In Quantico Season 1 is Liam. The man who mentored all the new recruiters and slyly manipulated everyone to his tone.

Will there be Quantico Season 2?

The chances are unlikely that we will ever season 2 of the series. Other than the mystery of the Terrorist In Quantico season 1, the show doesn’t have much to go on. The actors haven’t shown much interest in the series as well, making the promise of season 2 nonexistent. Still, it has good twenty-two episodes that are worth binging.

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