Why Did Kajala And Harmonize Break Up? All About Their Dating Timeline

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Kajala and Harmonize break-up

The break-up between Tanzania’s celebrity couple Frida Kajala and Harmonize has an interested audience from all over the globe. The breakup has taken new turns and has gotten messier. The media is speculating about the reason behind their breakup and saying that they split up because of the conflict over the ownership of one of the two Range Rovers.

The couple has broken up for the second time in their dating timeline. They both started dating in 2020, and Harmonize parted ways from Kajala with his Italian wife Sarah Mitchelloti. All was going well till 2021, when Kajala found out that Harmonize was texting his daughter Paula behind her back.

Kajala dumped him for the second time and moved on quickly. They both have moved on in their respective lives and seemed content with it. But netizens are still speculating about the foolproof reason behind their break up. Harmonize tried to win Kajala’s heart back, but Kajala had already made up her mind this time and didn’t let her fool herself again. Both of them have moved on and are happy in their respective lives. Later on in the article, we will also discuss their individual personal lives after their break up. 

Kajala and Harmonize break up
Kajala and Harmonize

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Who Are Kajala and Harmonize? 

Kajala Masanja is a Tanzanian actress and a film star. She has been a popular subject in the gossip industry. She has also won the East Africa Television award for the actress. She has done films like Kigodoro, Jeraha la Moyo, House Boy, Vita Baridi, House Girl and Boy, Dhuluma, Shortcut, Basilisa, You Me and Him, and Devil’s Kingdom. She has taken a break from Harmonize for the second time. 

Kajala and Harmonize break up
Harmonize and Kajala

Rajab Abdul Kahali was born on 15 March 1990. He is popularly known as Harmonize and is a Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist. He started his career in the music industry in the year 2009. In 2015, he got signed at WCB Wasafi after meeting Diamond Platnumz. Harmonize’s first song was Aiyola, and it was a success. In 2016, he won three awards, WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards for Best African Newcomer Video, African Muzik Magazine Awards for Best Newcomer, and African Entertainment Awards for Best New Artist.

Harmonise released his album called High School on 5 November 2021. He revealed its tracklist through his Instagram. This was his first LP since Afro East. This album has twenty songs and features prominent African acts, which included Naira Marley, Sarkodie, Bosiswa, Ibraah, and Angella. 

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Why Did Kajala and Harmonize Break Up?

Kajala and Harmonize started dating in the year 2020, and everything was going smoothly suddenly, things started to get messier. After their break up Harmonize started dating Briana in November 2021, but things didn’t happen the way he wanted them to. In April 2022, he made a move to win Kajala back, and he bought her a Range Rover Vogue and paid to advertise for a billboard and advertise his love for her. After this, Kajala reunited with Harmonize in June, and Harmonize made her the CEO of his record label Konde Gang. 

Kajala and Harmonize break up
Kajala and Harmonize break-up

After weeks of hanging out together, the singer proposed to the actress, and Kajala said YES. All things were going great until Kajala posted a mysterious message on her Instagram, and she decided to leave Harmonize. The message read as follows:

As a woman and human being, I was created to love and forgive, but in this, I deserve to be laughed at, carried, and looked down on. I’m not here to defend or show sympathy it’s true I made mistakes and I’ve realized my mistakes, I’m not perfect. I sure do miss my family, siblings, and friends. Making a mistake is not a mistake, a mistake is repeating a mistake. I forgive my X and I’m ready for the next. 

Apart from the message, she also deleted the photos she posted with him on any social media platforms. Kajala first time forgave him when he cheated on her with his ex-Italian wife, but when he seduces Kajala’s daughter Paula, she loses her calm. She blocked him from all the social media platforms. Now they are officially broken up. 

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