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Kanan Sama Is Easy As Hell! Chapter 30: Release Date & Where To Read

Kanan sama is easy as hell!
Kanan sama is easy as hell!

Romantic comedy is one of the most popular manga genres of all time. If you are a fan of romantic comedies with a splash of ecchi, then you have come to the right place. Kanan Sama is Easy as Hell! is one such manga. This manga is a popular one and every chapter is a treat for fans. Manga’s like Kanan Sama is Easy as Hell! never grow old and will always have readers from all over the globe as manga and anime are becoming increasingly popular in recent times.

This manga gets released in Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine every Sunday. Written and illustrated by Nonco (pen name), the serialization of Kanan Sama is Easy as Hell! started in June 2022. The initial release date of this manga was June 1st, 2022 and the series is ongoing. The genres that this manga come under are comedy, romance, ecchi, supernatural and slice of life. 

Up until now, 29 chapters of Kanan Sama is Easy as Hell! have been released and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of chapter 30 which will be out very soon. What makes this manga so sought after is the unique storyline and incredible illustrations. For those who are new to this manga, here is the plot summary.

Kanan Zebel is a female demon for whom everything was going perfectly normally until she decides to sneak into the human world and infiltrates a high school to feed on souls there. There she comes across a high school boy named Kyougi with whom she ends up agreeing to a love contract! All of a sudden and unexpectedly, she is bombarded with new and unknown feelings. All this is completely foreign to her as she is a demon who has never experienced love before. And so, the story begins about a demon who fell in love with a human boy.

Kanan-sama is easy as hell!

Kanan-sama is easy as hell! poster

Kanan Sama Is Easy As Hell!- Chapter 29 recap

The name of chapter 29 is “Kanan’s Show and Tell”. The chapter starts with Kanan Zebel going shopping with her demon and human friends. They had made a plan to go to a lake in the demon realm and are shopping for swimsuits. Kyougi, who is Kanan’s love interest, gets all excited when he hears the word ‘swimsuits’ and then, one of them decide that they should  split up and try on new swim suits and show each other.

Despite being nervous and shy of the idea, Kanan sama agrees and they all go their separate ways. Through out the shopping for the swimsuit, Kanan sama was still worried and nervous of showing herself in swim wear in front of Kyougi. Next scene in the chapter shows Ami, who is also a demon, looking for the perfect swim suit which is sexy and aggressive. After that Nadeko is looking for one at a different place and she is also nervous about showing herself in a swimsuit.

After shopping and finally finding the perfect swim suits everybody got ready to reveal their look. First Ami chan came out and after that it was Masurao. Next came Jeanne san and after that it was Kanan san’s turn. When she finally showed herself,  Kyougi noticed that her swimsuit was different from others- it was not as revealing as the others. Kanan sama felt that Kyougi thought her swimsuit as childish. But, on the contrary, Kyougi loved Kanan sama’s look and praised her for choosing the swimsuit. This made Kanan sama really happy. And, that’s how chapter 29 ends.

Kanan Sama Is Easy As Hell Chapter 30 release date and where to read

A lot of readers and fans are ardently waiting for the release of Kanan Sama is Easy as Hell! chapter 30 to find out what’s going to happen next. What will happen during the trip to the lake in the demon realm? And how will Kanan sama’s love for kyougi grow? Will Kyougi reciprocate that love? All these and many more questions are waiting to be answered in the upcoming chapters.

As mentioned at the start, the manga releases every Sunday in Kodansha’s weekly release. So we can expect the release of Kanan Sama is Easy as Hell! chapter 30 on 11th of December, 2022

Kanan Sama Is Easy As Hell Chapter 30: Where to Read

Unfortunately, there are no legal sites to read this manga. You will have to buy Kodansha’s Weekly Magazine to read it or wait till it is published on Kodansha’s website.

Fans are also hopeful of an anime release of Kanan Sama is Easy as Hell! to come soon as an anime version will definitely take things to the next level. Catch up with this manga if you’d like a good laugh and relish in some feel good moments.

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