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How Did Eazy-E Die? Explained

eazy e death
Eazy-E, Credits: Variety

Eazy-E was one of the most iconic and the legend rappers in American history. He had been known for creating some of the best music, but his death has always created a mystery for fans to explore, how did he actually die, and what was the reason behind it?

This article will tell you and give you each and every detail regarding how Eazy-E died and what the conspiracy surrounding the rapper is. This article will give you each and every single detail in terms of the death and the reason behind the rapper’s death.

But for those of you who don’t have enough information regarding who Eazy-E is, he is actually an American rapper who was entirely devoted to giving the industry the artistic contributions that he made with the major number of albums and songs that he released. He was leading the label Ruthless Records, and therefore he is essentially referred to within the industry as the ‘Godfather of Gangsta Rap.’

But his sudden death raises multiple questions regarding what eventually happened with this black rapper, but this article will cover each and every single detail regarding Eazy-E’s death. Let us take a look at this article in order to get some insights.

eazy e death

Eazy-E, Credits: Billboard

How Did Eazy-E Die?

Well, the whole thing started when in February 1995, Eazy actually checked himself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He actually had a severe cough and, therefore, to get a check, he visited the hospital, but the diagnosis was what was expected to be a shock for him which stated that he had HIV and that thereafter developed into AIDS.

But the situation entirely became tense up when the rapper’s situation deteriorated, and that too at a very shocking speed, even to the extent that the rapper also released a public statement assuring his fans that AIDS is deadly and dangerous and can attack anyone. 

However, the reason behind how he developed AIDS is coming to believe that he had various sexual relationships with multiple women, and therefore, women were actually his weakness. As per some sources, he was a sex addict, and therefore it might be possible that he developed AIDS with someone.

And therefore, with the diagnosis, the rapper developed that virus all throughout his body which led to his death. Therefore, his official cause of death was listed as pneumonia caused by AIDS.

eazy e death

Eazy-E, Credits: The Daily Beast

What Was The Conspiracy Behind Eazy-E’s Death?

Everyone, at a certain point, believed that Eazy-E’s death was not because of AIDS. It was because of the fact that the rapper was actually murdered. However, many of his rapper friends went to the official Jimmy Kimmel show, and thereafter, they stated that it was not the disease but the murder. Fans, at one point, wanted to know the reason behind Eazy-E’s death.

However, it has also been put out that the rapper did not experience any of the symptoms that AIDS patients mostly experience, including weakness and severe weight loss, and now he had consumed bards of drugs at that time, which eventually made his death come closer.

It had been believed that since he was the leading head of the record label Ruthless Records, that could be the reason why Eazy might be murdered and not because he had AIDS.

Even though with the fact that his oldest daughter has also questioned the actual reality of his father’s death and, therefore, there has also been a documentary surrounding his death named The Mysterious death of Eazy-E, she therefore also points out there the real reason that can be for the death of the rap legend, including there has been some of the show’s interviews, and the staff’s interviews and various other co-workers who have been involved into the documentary who clarify the real truth. 

Eazy-E’s Past Relationships Explored

Well, as per various reports, it has been stated that Eazy-E was a sex addict, and therefore, he had a lot of relationships with a lot of women. He had 11 children with eight women.

But his known relationship was with Tomica Woods when he met him in a night club in 1991, and therefore in 1995, they both actually got married, but even before this marriage, Eazy had multiple relationships with some of the other women with which he shared children.

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