Mother K-Drama Episode 16 Recap & Ending Explained

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Mother K-Drama Episode 16 Recap: Ending Explained & All About It
Mother K-Drama Episode 16 Recap

‘Mother K-Drama’ is one of the most loved series out there. Portraying the genres of thriller, mystery, psychology, and melodrama, the drama series managed to attract thousands of viewers out there in no time. The first episode of the series premiered on January 24, 2018, and the final one aired on March 15, 2018. The most interesting part about the same was its consistency of viewers. It won’t be wrong to say that every bit of the story of the drama series was loved by all the viewers out there. Moreover, the way in which the cast of the show portrayed their characters on the screens was pretty impactful.

The finale of the ‘Mother K-Drama’ brought in varied emotions for everyone out there. It was both a heartbreaking and a top-notch emotional moment to witness everything unfold and fall into their assigned places. We saw how the terms of Soo-jin’s probation strictly forbid her from having any kind of contact with Yoon-bok. In order to make it up for the same, she completely devotes herself to becoming a dutiful daughter in the final days of Madam Cha. In the next scene, we see Hyun-jin uncovering a tin that was buried in the arboretum, and in that, she finds an adoption paper along with several videotapes.

 Mother K-Drama Episode 16: What Happened In the Finale?

The videotapes showcased Yi-jin as a baby and a little Soo-jin who was asking Madam Cha to keep her adoption a secret. This revelation leaves everyone out there in a state of complete shock. Finding the truth, Soo-jin takes the responsibility and reasons that she didn’t want others to degrade or look down on Yi-jin the way they did for her, but the latter was too disturbed to understand anything. Though, as soon as her anger subsides, she comes back to her mother and Soo-jin.

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Mother K-Drama Episode 16 Recap: Ending Explained & All About It
Mother K-Drama Episode 16

All of this leads to Hyun-jin thinking that she too might have been adopted, and we see Madam Cha revealing a final truth about Jae-beom ajusshi being her real father. Labeling it as her dying wish, she asks Hong-hee to make peace with Soo-jin. The same night all the family members gather for dinner, and we see Madam Cha admitting to Soo-jin that her only regret is saying those hurtful things to Yoon-bok.

On the other side, we see Yoon-bok secretly preparing to run away from her orphanage. After successfully sneaking out, she appears at Soo-jin’s doorway. Although being more than delighted to see her, Soo-jin has to drop her back at the orphanage the next day. We see little Yoon-bok going into Madam’s Cha room at midnight and gifting her Matryoshka dolls that represent Soo-jin. While they both fall asleep next to each other, we see Madam Cha slowly taking her last breath. After this, the story fast-forwards to two years ahead, and we see Soo-jin living with Hong-hee. The probation is up, and she receives the last offer to go to Iceland. Excited about going there, she goes to visit Yoon-bok. After discovering that Yoon-bok is about to get adopted, she rushes to seek legal advice about whether she can adopt Yoon-bok.

Mother K-Drama Episode 16 Recap: Ending Explained & All About It
Mother K-Drama Episode 16

We see Soo-jin getting on her knees in order to convince the foster mother to agree with her about the adoption. On the other hand, Yoon-bok is brought back by her new parents when she gives them a note which reads that she already has a mother and names her Kang Soo-jin. After reading Hyun-jin’s book about child abuse, the foster mother finally agrees to give Soo-jin her approval.

At last, we see Soo-jin and Yook-bok together in their happy place.

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Mother K-Drama: Where to Watch?

Originally distributed by tvN, ‘Mother K-Drama’ is available to be streamed on the international streaming platform i.e., Viki. The good thing about the platform is that the drama series can be watched for free, thereby both domestic and international viewers.

Mother K-Drama: All Other Details

The ‘Mother K-Drama’ starred Lee Bo Young as Kang Soo Jin, Heo Yool as Kim Yoon Bok, Lee Hye Young as Kang Yeong Shin, Go Sung Hee as Shin Ja Young, Lee Jae Yoon as Jeong Jin Hong, and Go Bo Gyeol as Kang Hyun Jin. The drama series had a total of 16 episodes, and each of them had a screen time of 1 hour and 3 minutes. Moreover, every new episode of the series was released on Wednesday and Thursday.

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