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What Happened In The End Of The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 8?

The Cleaning Lady Opening Title
The Cleaning Lady Opening Title

One of the most loved shows on Fox, The Cleaning Lady season 2, is progressing towards its end, and oh boy, the plot of the show is becoming more and more interesting with the release of each episode. The Cleaning Lady, which premiered at the start of this year, was a complicated program because it blended the standard complications of a crime thriller with a family story heavily influenced by the immigrant population in the U.S.

This Monday, the latest episode of the series was released, and it has left many of its fans curious about some scenes. In this article, we will learn more about the show and then look into the developments that took place in the latest episodes, as well as its streaming guide.

What’s The Cleaning Lady All About?

Inspired by the 2017 Argentinian tv program La chica Que Limpia, Miranda Kwok created the crime drama television series The Cleaning Lady for American audiences. The primary character in the drama The Cleaning Lady is Thony De La Rosa, a previous Cambodian-Filipino surgeon who presently works and lives in Las Vegas.

Her 5-year-old son Luca is the main reason she shifts here on an immigrant visa. Because of a rare and possibly deadly medical issue, Luca can only receive cutting-edge bone marrow transplantation in Las Vegas. Thony & her sister-in-law Fiona serve as housekeeping staff members as Thony anticipates medical treatment for her kid.

The Cleaning Lady

Thony is offered the option to serve in their criminal enterprise as a cleaner and medic after unintentionally watching a terrible incident and being caught hiding by the perpetrator, Arman Morales. These positions would likely pay well enough for Thony to support her son and her parents. When Thony begins tidying up forensic evidence and dodging the police, she reaches an ethical middle ground and proceeds to live a second life.

What Happened In The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 8?

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 8 was released on 14th November. The title of this episode was Spousal Privilege, and in this episode, we saw Kamdar ordering Arman to murder Maya and torment Thony, but they had to keep it a secret since Garrett wanted to kill Kamdar and Arman. Garrett is Thony’s handle; therefore, he wouldn’t hesitate to bring down Arman if he discovered the truth.

Thony recognized she couldn’t put her family at risk, so she relocated them to a better neighborhood. Kamdar found Maya in an FBI safe house. Garrett ultimately determined that Cortes was following Maya, which assisted Kamdar.

When Arman finds Thony is home alone and without her group, he volunteers to stay with her and guard her; however, the fuzzy feeling fades soon when they organize a conference with Kamdar in hopes of tracking him down, only to realize Nadia is running his affairs while he’s overseas. Arman tries to stop any discussion with Nadia because the FBI is eavesdropping.

He tells Garrett he won’t injure or sacrifice his family to bring down Kamdar. The one and only way to uncover enough proof to throw Kamdar away for life is to steal his ledger, which lists all of his dealings.

Where To Watch The Cleaning Lady Season 2?

The viewers can watch The Cleaning Lady on various OTT platforms like Fox Now, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Apple Tv. However, you will require an active subscription to the service provider in order to watch the show.

Still from Cleaning Lady Promo

Still from Cleaning Lady Promo

There is no charge associated with downloading the FOX NOW app. Downloading the app is completely free, but in order to watch full episodes, you will need a membership with one of the paid TV providers.

Access to our advertising-supported streaming collection is included in the ad-supported Hulu plan, which costs only $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year to subscribe to. After a free weeklong trial, the monthly cost of an Apple TV subscription drops to only $6.99 before taxes and fees. For $69 or £69, you have the option to extend your membership for another year.

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