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Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch


Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10 release date is quite close. The series throws light on a reality TV show which has originated in the United Kingdom. The setting of the episodes is in Nome as well as Alaska, and Norton Sound. Discovery Channel has commissioned this series for their channel.

In the show, we get to see various boats as they sail out into the unknown sea. They are provided with appropriate setups in order for them to hunt the best possible treasure which they find under the water. The gold mining takes place in summer as well as the cold too. They also use various tools to get their job done, such as the sluicing apparatus.

The tool collects the gold and separates it from the dirt. Obviously, there are a lot of problems that our characters have to face during the season. The first one is the seas and the waves and the low visibility of the ground beneath the water. The characters also have to gather rights from the government in order to actually mine on the water.

Berring Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10 Release Date

A still from Bering Sea Gold Season 15

Every season of the show, we see the most recently filmed episodes as they set out on their own adventure on the sea. There is also a contradiction of the show, which is the ice series. Here, we see the temporary shelters which are built above the ice holes, and the weather makes it extremely difficult to be a part of this job.

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episodes Recap

Back in Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 9, titled Driver’s Ed, we saw that Vernon is not in the crew for now as he has some personal business to take care of. Thus, the rest of the crew goes out with their Gold Ship tasks.

On Myrtle, we saw how Shawn is in the middle of a malfunction that can sabotage their mission in the future and, thus, needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Thus, Dave Young comes in to look at the same and analyze whatever has gone down.

Later in the episode, we see that the crew has actually hired a new pair of divers. Zeke and Emily are kind of hoping that there will be more cash once they get to the surface and bring forth everything that they have brought for us. Later in the episode, we saw that Kris is now back to the Reaper, and the game will continue as planned.

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10 Release Date

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10 release date is on the 24th of January 2023. The episode is titled The Miner’s Code. It will drop out on the Discovery Channel at 8 PM Eastern Time. New episodes of the series release every week at the same time on Tuesdays.

How to Watch Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10

As we have mentioned above, the latest episodes of the series are available to watch from The Discovery Channel at the time that is provided. Fans can also keep a check for the same every week for the regular releases.

As for the users who do not have cable cords at home, there is another option of watching the new episodes from Discovery Plus. The streaming service is owned by the channel, and it is pretty helpful when trying to watch the show online with a cable network.

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10 Spoilers

Bering Sea Gold Season 15 Episode 10 is titled The Miner’s Code. In this episode, we will witness Shawn and Vernon back together as a pair and taking on their sea duties better than ever. Their rescue mission will be a tough one this time because the Bering Sea is facing storms.

Kris will be seen in a bad situation in his life right now with the whole Mistress thing. By the end of the episode, we can expect to see Zeke embarking on a new journey. He has finally decided to relaunch the Havilah, and this time, a wild crew will go with the same.

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