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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gunsmith Is Getting Some Changes And Here is Everything You Need To Know About It

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint (Credits: Ubisoft)

The update that everyone have been waiting for is here as the TU 3.0.0 brings with it some long-awaited updates to Breakpoint’s gunsmith. Now the players eill be able to coustomise their weapon’s stock, picking from a total of 15 distinct stocks that each work with a variety of firearms. The player will be bale to use weapon-specific stocks on that weapon and there are variants of it as well, and in some cases, they’ll work with a variety of weapons. It is a welcome change that the playerd have been wanting for a very long time. Down below you can see the patch notes down below.

Patch Notes


As we mentioned in TU 2.1.0, more improvements will be coming to the Gunsmith. Alongside Episode 3, TU 3.0.0 will add more customization freedom and improvements to the Gunsmith experience.


With TU 3.0.0, custom stocks will become available. You can choose from 15 stocks:

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint (Credits: Ubisoft)

These custom stocks will also have the same compatibility across the different weapon variations that are listed above.


For select weapons, you can use stocks from different variations of the same weapon base. For example, the MK17 stock will be available on the MK17 Shorty and MK17 Assault and vice versa.

​* MK17 stocks are shared between:
– MK17
– MK17 Shorty
– MK17 Assault

* IA2 stocks are shared between:
– IA 2
– IA 2 Shorty

* G36 stocks are shared between:
– G36
– G36 Scout

* M4 stocks are shared between:
– M4
– M4 Shorty
– M4 Assault


For the following weapons and variations, we enabled cross compatibility for stock customization. For example, the AK47 stock will be compatible with the RU12SG and the SAG12 and vice versa. These weapons include:

​* AK47 and its assault variant
* AK74 and its assault and scout variants
* RU12SG and its assault variant
* SAG12


We saw plenty of feedback and discussion on expanding the compatibility of some attachments to cover more weapons. Thus, we widened the compatibility of the GL1 and the GL GP25 as follows:

* GL1 is now compatible with:

– Tavor
– Tavor Assault
– AUG Assault

* GL GP25 is now compatible with:

– AK47
– AK74


To provide you with more options for under-barrels, we will be integrating the Universal Under-barrel System. This system will allow all foregrips to be compatible with all assault rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns. The only limitation is the rail size capacity, and will be available on most special weapons and weapon skins.

• Bipods

We understand that bipods have a good share of the community discussion, and while we have made some improvements – and we continue to do so – functioning bipods will not be added to the game. However, with TU 3.0.0, we added bipods and range finders on the tactical variations of the M4A1, MPX, and the Scorpion EVO3. Additionally, we added bipod compatibility for the 7.62 caliber weapons, which include:

– 805 BREN
– MK17
– ARX200


With this Gunsmith update, you will find new barrels added for weapon customization. These new barrels will be available as listed below:

* Medium barrel now available for:

– MP5
– MP5 Division

* Short barrel now available for:

– ARX200
– Paladin9 SNR
– RU12SG
– RU12SG Assault


– Red Patriot Adventure
– 553 Scout | Sentinel
– AK74 Assault | Survival
– ​Honey Badger | Brown (Free Mission Reward!)

• Maria’s Shop: Skell Credits

– M4A1 CQC
– Paladin 9 SNR
– ACS12
– Honey Badger

• Pathfinder Class Rank Reward

– M4A1 Scout

• Tactical Cache

– AUG Scout
– Mk17 Scout

• In-Game Store: Ghost Coins

– 416 Assault |Custom
– M4A1 SCT | Custom
– 516 | Survival
– HTI | Brown
– VHSD2 | Sentinel
– TACT50 | Wolves
– ACS12 |Custom
– M82 | Survival


In addition to the wider customization options, you can expect more improvements and bug fixes to the Gunsmith with TU 3.0.0.

• Additional Improvements

– Added suppressor to the RU12SG
– Gunsmith explode animations updated on various weapons
– Quality update to all stock textures
– Various optimizations

• Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue with the M4A1 ASU Sentinel skeleton barrel

– Fixed an issue where firing with a weapon equipped with laser dot attachment while moving the camera would make the laser go in the wrong direction

– Fixed an issue where restarting the game would take away equipped weapon’s ammo

– Fixed an issue where the AK12 built-in iron sight would be off-centered in ADS mode

– Fixed an issue where the weapon’s laser dots would appear as a black opaque square on several surfaces in Night Vision. Lasers concerned by this issue were: MAWL-DA and PEQ-15

– Fixed an issue where SLX5 Sight would not trace the bullet’s direction when attached to STONER LMG

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