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Choco Milk Shake Episode 11: Release Date, Recap & How To Watch

Choco Milk Shake Episode 10 recap
Choco Milk Shake Episode 11: Release Date

The release date for Choco Milk Shake Episode 11 is here, and all the BL drama fans are in search of all the answers that can satisfy their thirst regarding the excitement of the upcoming episodes’ twists. We have heard the request and are here to reveal all the details of the show, including the Choco Milk Shake Episode 11 release date and how to stream Choco Milk Shake Episode 11 online easily.

But before we dive into these updates, let’s provide our new readers with a quick summary of the show’s premise. Ang, a sad individual who stays alone, passes the bridge and resurrects as a man before beginning his love voyage alongside his dog and cat. One day, two unusual individuals entered the house for the first time.

They had already been nurtured since birth and had completed high school when they were accidentally killed. “Milk” for the cat & “Choco” again for the dog were their nicknames. The two men’s claim that they’re Milk & Chocolate embarrasses Jung, but he concedes that they are comparable to Milk & Chocolate and that he resides with them.

Jung never loses interest since he spends much of his time buying or selling Milk and chocolate. On the other side, Milk and chocolate assist her in understanding true love by making her aware that she is valued and that she might live a happy life with someone.

Choco & Milk visits her paternal uncle’s chicken eatery, Jung-place of job. As word spreads about the delicious Milk & chocolate, the chicken eatery quickly fills up with customers. With his hip, sun-loving, and growingly worried paternal uncle, he looks after Milk. Milk or chocolate is a good place to start, but chicken does great as a side gig.

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The Story So Far On Chock Milk Shake

The two of them proceeded for a walk when JungWoo’s ex-boyfriend appeared at the café. Choco and Milk anxiously awaited his return to the park. During the break, Milk fell and moved to the restaurant for a beverage. He wasn’t happy, so he asked Jungwoo’s uncle to buy him a drink.

Choco Milk Shake Episode 10 recap

Milk from Choco Milk Shake.

Choco greeted Jungwoo as he returned to the playground, much to Jungwoo’s pleasure. Choco caught him trying to approach him covertly. After drinking too much, Milk decided to spend a night with his boss. He reassured him that the fear had persisted the entire day even though they had no antagonism.

Choco Milk Shake Episode 11: Release Date

On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, Choco Milk Shake will premiere its eleventh episode. The Choco Milk Shake episode will be accessible worldwide on YouTube at around 6:00 pm KST. This drama will air each week on Tuesday and Thursday. The following times are when people from outside of Korea can watch the program online:

  • Philippines Standard Time: 5 pm, December 20, Tuesday
  • Japanese Standard Time: 6 pm, December 20, Tuesday
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 6.30 pm AEDT, December 20, Tuesday
  • Pacific Time: 2 am, December 20, Tuesday
  • Central Standard Time: 4 am, December 20, Tuesday
  • Singapore Time: 5 pm, December 20, Tuesday
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 5 am EDT, December 20, Tuesday
  • British Summer Time: 10 am BST, December 20, Tuesday
  • Indian Standard Time: 2.30 pm IST, December 20, Tuesday
Choco Milk Shake Episode 10 recap

Uncle from Choco Milk Shake.

Where To Watch episode 11 Of Choco Milk Shake?

Strongbrry’s YouTube channel will release Choco Milk Shake Episode 11 at the time and date mentioned above. Each episode contains just the right amount of romance and affection to make you feel warm and fuzzy. Get ready to be astounded by the amount of romance encapsulated by the episode. We hope you have scheduled the forthcoming episode so you will remember to watch it when it debuts on the above-stated streaming service.

Choco Milk Shake Cast Insight

Ko HoJung will portray J. woo in the show. Unfortunate circumstances caused Jung-parents, a young fellow from an ordinary background, to tragically pass away. He is actively working part-time to help pay for his expenses. Choco & Milk, the dog and cat that Woo reared while they were pups, reappear in his life as two male adults.

Kim Seong will portray Milk in the drama. Milk is a good person who once had huge expectations for himself. L. Jae-in will take on the role of Choco. Choco was once a dog, but he is now a man. His sympathies are with J. woo. Park Bin will stand in for Uncle. The uncle is a gentleman, but he still acts like a playboy.

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