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Family Feud Canada Season 4 Episode 29: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Family Feud Canada Season 4 Episode 29 release date is quite soon. The show is based on the format of an American game show and is the Canadian version of the same. Right now, it is hosted by Gerry Dee. The gameplay is almost exactly the same as we see in its American counterpart. The fast money prize is given to the players in 10,000 Canadian dollars. Also, the champions who are not able to win the grand prize at the end of the episodes or even a round, are awarded 5 dollars for every right answer.

Also, there are a few limitations in the game. In America, we see that any family can come on stage 5 times and even win a prize after they have won for their fifth time on the show. Although, in this version, the game is limited to three appearances only. Now, the family members are required to be 18 years or above because of the nature of the questions. In America, there are no confirmed limitations on the age but still, they prefer the kids to be at least 15. N9w, let us understand how this game is played.

Family Feud Canada – Gameplay

We see that two families come on stage in order to compete with each other. They can have 5 maximum members in it. It all begins with a face-off question. This is also some sort of a toss but in true Family Feud fashion. The host now asks questions to these families and it has been presented to a group of 100 people before. Now, there is a board above which has the most popular answers given through the survey. Although, these answers are concealed. Every time, a family is given a chance to guess their answer and if it is up on the board, they win a point. These are some of the most popular answers which were given in the survey.

Family Feud Canada Season 4 Episode 29 Release Date

A still from Family Feud Canada Season 4

The person who touches the buzzer first from either of the families gets a chance to answer the question first. If they are wrong when the chance is given, the other family gets the chance to answer. If their response is right, they win a point, if not, the chance again goes to the previous family. This way, they have an equal opportunity from left to right and equal time to respond from the alternating sides one at a time till the exact answer is revealed. Now, the family who wins this round of questions gets a chance to choose whether they want to play the question or are willing to pass the control over to the opponent.

Now, the family who has been selected has to answer all the answers that are concealed on the board. The family member gets one chance each. Now, there is a concept of strikes. If the family who is in control gives an incorrect answer or fails to respond gets a strike. If they have three strikes, the other family gets to steal all of their points for the round and answer the remaining questions by guessing their answers. If this is not the case, the family who was in control wins the round and all the points go to them.

Family Feud Canada Season 4 Episode 29 Release Date

Family Feud Canada Season 4 Episode 29 release date is on the 31st of October 2022. It will drop on CBC Canada at 7:30 PM Canadian Standard Time. New episodes are released every week from Thursday to Monday.

How to Watch Family Feud Canada Season 4 Episode 29

Family Feud Canada Season 4 Episode 29 can be watched live when the episode airs on CBC at the designated date and time slot. Later, these episodes can be streamed from the official website of the channel for absolutely free called CBC Gem. Although, it has an insane amount of ads. You can get rid of the same by checking out with a paid version of the website.

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