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Recap & Spoilers: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69

Dragon Ball Super

Granola is escaping with OG73-i inside the capsule had something that he thought he was dreaming. He witnessed his capsule crashing on earth, and the big ape was rampaging. When he snaps out of it, he started to ask himself if he was dreaming, and he is glad that OG73-i is in stable condition. He started thinking that Goichi’s allies might have been following him after the destruction he caused on them. 

Granola talks with OG73-i about Freezer, and OG asks Grano if he still despises Freezer, and he said yes. Grano also talked about that he lost his chance to get his revenge on Freeza and his army. But he is worried about the dream that keeps on haunting him, and OG asks if he is referring to the Saiyans. Grano said OG is right about that while Goku is busy training with Whis at Berus Planet.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Release Date 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 will be released on Friday, 19 February 2021. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter are not yet released. Take a look at the recent development here: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67. This Manga releases its new chapter once every month.

Previously on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68

They are creating a dose for Insomnia, and Vegeta comments that it is just a fish. Vegeta comments that they must get Insomnia instead of fish. Goku is excited that the fish he put inside the lid is still floating when it is sleeping. Whis comments that if the oracle fish suffers from a lack of sleep is a bad omen for the future. Berus is lying on the ground, and he is bored he hears Goku talking about fighting.

Berus yells at Goku, asking if he wants to fight some stronger, but Goku focuses on the task that he is doing with Whis. The two continues with their training and Goku transform asking Whis to continue where they have left. Vegeta and Berus look at Goku rolling their hands. They think that he is trying to act tough, and they are looking at him like they are stronger than him and training is for the weak. They battled until Whis gets tired.

Ultra Instinct:

Whis kicks Goku, and he transforms back to normal with worries that his tricks were about to work. Whis comments that won’t get far if he continues to copy his styles. He must create his own fighting styles, and the two continue to battle. Vegeta asks Berus if Whis is using Ultra Instinct. Berus replies that not exactly the Angels are always in the instinct state. While they are fighting, Whis told Goku that Ultra Instinct is not his ultimate goal, but it is just a starting point.

Goku said that it means he will train and get stronger. Vegeta comments that he will surpass Kakarrot in another way. Berus got jealous and said that he thinks it cannot happen since Vegeta still has to master Ultra Instinct. Berus reveals that Ultra Instinct is not the only technique of the Gods. Vegeta is surprised, and Berus adds that Ultra Instinct is just the Angels’ specialty. The Prince of Saiyans is surprised that the powers of the Gods of Destruction are beyond his imagination.

Berus said that the Gods don’t just use the powers to move around that you first have to calm your heart. Vegeta, ask Berus to reveal the technique that they use. Berus replies that he is passing that and training people is not his thing. He left saying that he is going to train himself to wake his body up and Vegeta follow him. Berus comments that if Vegeta sees something useful, he can steal it. Meanwhile, Grano arrives at his planet with OG dragging the container that is carrying OG.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Freeza’s Return:

Oil and Kay confirm it and find that Grano has brought a real deal, and they are surprised how Granola neb the container. They kept on praising Grano, who is asking for his money. They gave him his money, and the Boss reveals that the one with more intel will rule the world. Grano started wondering what he means by the intel, but he comments that it doesn’t matter since he got his reward.

Grano asks for his next job, and they told him that they have no assignment at the moment. The Boss reveals that Freeza has been revived. Grano thinks that now it is his chance to get his revenge for his people. He asks the whereabouts of Freeza, and the Boss comments that Freeza is much stronger than before. Grano doesn’t stand a chance against him, and Grano said he must let him be the judge of that.

He gets angry and wanted to pull the Boss by his collar, but Kay kicked him and sent him flying. Grano tried to fight back, but they defeated him with ease. Boss reveals that Freeza’s army is also a thorn on their side, but he must relax if he wants to get revenge. Boss told Gas to let go of Grano, and Grano agrees to what he is being told. When Grano let Boss take with Gas, Oil, and Kay about their plans, Boss reveals that they will let Freeza do the fighting for them, and he will freeze the Angels.

They will get what they need the location of Zuno- the ultimate intel broker. While Grano is heading to the plane Cereal and he realizes that he has to rest since it will take two days to reach there. Soshiru chase Grano and Grano notice that he want his bounty. He decided to settle the score in the Asteroid that is nearby. When they reach the Seshiru got defeated with his army, and he apologizes and gives up. At the same time, Goku vows that the strongest man on the planet will rise. 

Dragon Ball Super available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released. We advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps to support the Manga creators and publishers.

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