Barbra Streisand Net Worth

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barbra streisand net worth
Barbra Streisand (Credits: Getty Images)

Barbara Streisand is an American-born actress and singer who received awards like Emmy, Oscar, Grammy, and Tony (EGOT). She has been in the entertainment industry for more than six long decades, starting in 1960. She is of those stars who struggled at their early stage, and Barbara used to sing in nightclubs. After that, she entered Broadway theatres, and gradually, she got opportunities in several Television Shows. She worked for Columbia Records despite getting lower pay.

Well, her debut album, The Barbara Album, got her the Grammy Award for the best album of the year. Her starting was so cool, and so was her career. She has always topped the US Billboard 200 chart with her 11 albums which are no less than a record for such great women singers. Not only this, but she has also added five number-one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 to her achievement list. You must wonder about Barbara Streisand’s net worth, so here you go.

Barbra Streisand Early Successes

When Barbra was just 16, she quit her house, decided to live on her own, and struggled to find a job in the entertainment industry. She always wanted to be a star, so she was struggling way too hard; she used to sleep with her friends or on the road.

One day, when she was missing home-cooked food, she came to her mother, who told her to quit and come back. But, Barbara was rigid in her dreams and said that her mother’s words were motivation to her rather than suggestions. She once asked her then-boyfriend to record her singing so that she could pass these recordings to the employer.

barbra streisand net worth
Barbra Streisand (Credits: Shutterstock)

He did the same, and he said he was stunned by Barbara’s vocals, she was so good. Barry, her boyfriend, suggested she sing for a nightclub. She was so good there that she was called more often to sing on stage. Well, her vocals were something that was praised by all, but she used to face something horrible body shaming. In her early days, people used to suggest she get a nose job, and they used to say to her face that she was too ugly to be a star. Did she stop? No! That was the year 1960 when her dream was taking shape and was helping her be a superstar.

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Barbra Streisand Net Worth

Barbra Streisand has a whooping net worth of around $400 million. No doubt, she is a millionaire as she is one of the highest-earning female musicians in the world and history. If she started a world tour with her albums, she could easily get a salary of more than $50 million. She also owns a website by the same name where she sells her iconic and classic albums. From there, she earns a lot of royalty from her music records.

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Barbra Streisand Personal Life

Barbara Streisand is currently married to James Brolin, but this is her second marriage. She was first married to an American actor, Elliott Gould, another amazing artist in the 60s. They married in 1963 but got separated just after three years. They also welcomed a son in those three years named Jason, who is Barabara’s on-screen son too in The Prince of Tides. During the divorce settlements, Barbra dated Pierre Trudeau. He was the Canadian Prime Minister, but the relationship didn’t work well, so they got separated soon.

barbra streisand net worth
Barbra Streisand and James Brolin (Credits: Getty Images)

Later in 1973, she met Jon Peters, hairdresser, and producer, but again the relationship didn’t work out, so they had to break up in 1982 while working on a film, Yentl. However, they never cut off permanently; they are still friends. Till 1998, she dated several guys who were high profile in the US then she got married to James Brolin, the love of her life.

3They do not have kids together, but James had two kids from his previous marriages. Both of the kids are now actors, and Barbara loves them all, including her several dogs. One of her was Samantha, whom she loved the most among the other dogs. She loved her so much that she had her cloned.

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