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Yellowjackets Filming Locations: Where Was This Plane Crash Series Shot?

Yellowjackets is filmed in
Yellowjackets Poster (Credits- Showtime.)

Yellowjackets is tale of a horrific plane crash in the Ontario region which involves highly skilled soccer players. This riveting series has been a huge hit. The crash is similar to the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. The crash was covered in great detail by the media and grabbed attention worldwide due to the survival mechanisms adopted by the survivors

The series that streams every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET has been a cash cow for Showtime. All the episodes have garnered huge ratings. The filming of the series took place in 2021 between the months of May and October. 

This series attempts to present similar events as the surviving members of the soccer team must strive hard to remain alive. Well, the series might draw some inspiration from a true story but the majority of the events especially the ending are all fictionalised. Several viewers desire to know the filming locations of  Yellowjackets. Let us peep into the same. 

Yellowjackets Filming Locations

The soccer player team (Credits- Showtime.)

How Did The Makers Plan The Filming Locations?

Well, a few scenes of the series were shot in Los Angeles. But the team desired to shoot at locations which would capture wilderness and seclusion so as to show the situation in which the students were stuck. So the team decided to shoot the series in the British Columbia region of Canada.

The region is known for its serene beauty away from the usual hustle and bustle. So it was deemed perfect for the after-plane crash scenes as the soccer players struggle to survive. The series managed to capture the beauty of British Columbia very well. A few portions of the series were also filmed in Vancouver. The initial scenes are shot in Los Angeles though. 

Yellowjackets Filming Locations In Vancouver 

The makers chose to film a few portions of the movie in the downtown area of  Vancouver.  The crew finalized popular spots in the area that include a tea house. This tea house named Finch’s Tea Hose is located on Pender Street.   It is now a popular spot among tourists. The series also took us to the famed Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall.

Yellowjackets Filming Locations In Vancouver 

Finch Tea House On Pender Street (Credits- Tripadvisor )

This ancient cathedral dates back several centuries and has been part of the enriching history of Canada’s culture and religion. Just head on Richards  Street and you’ll find the Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall at the corner.

The cathedral was chosen as it had stunning architecture and was blessed with natural light. Coming back to the tea house, it’s a cosy and cute place where you can enjoy delicious snacks and reminisce about the shoot of the series. 

Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall In Vancouver 

  Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall. (Credits- Tripadvisor )

Yellowjackets Filming Locations In British Columbia

The filming wasn’t limited to Vancouver. To capture the wilderness of the situation the makers headed to  British Columbia. The series featured a few rough moments when the soccer team enjoys unaware of the impending disaster that was about to strike them after a while.   

Panther Paintball and Air Sports were the two prominent places in British Columbia. that were covered in the movie. The team then shifted the shooting to a popular studio in the region.

Yellowjackets Filming Locations In British Columbia

The wilderness of British Columbia.  (Credits- Tripadvisor )

Burn Studios, British Columbia

The Burn Studios is located in British Columbia. was used to film high-action sequences.  Yellowjackets feature a few top-notch action scenes that impressed the viewers. Perhaps those scenes were filmed at the studio.

The makers revealed that the studio had all the necessary facilities that they were looking for. Infact it is  North America’s biggest studio with many stages and special effects for shooting action scenes.

Can You Visit The Filming Locations Of Yellowjackets?

Yes, you can surely enjoy and see the filming locations of the  Yellowjackets yourself. If you are visiting Canada then make sure to catch all these filming Locations. Plan your stay in the downtown area of  Vancouver. Enjoy coffee and some snacks at Finch’s Tea house.

Finally, head to the Holy Rosary Cathedral Hall and get to know its intricate architecture in detail. Don’t forget to add a hiking trail in British Columbia to your trip itinerary. This way you would explore all the main Filming locations of Yellowjackets.

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