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Saitama Vs. Goku: Who’ll Win Now After Saitama’s Power Up?

Saitama VS Goku

Saitama Vs. Goku is an evergreen debate, there are no clear answers to this one, and the fandom won’t take a defeat easily. But the two characters have been gaining power-ups left and right in their respective series, to the point we need to reevaluate who would win in a fight. The first one to keep getting Power-up was Goku through Dragon Ball Super. Goku has gotten one power-up after another and is on a different level than he was in the past. However, he doesn’t go blonde as much. And then there is Saitama, who was bald from the beginning and has gotten no physical change from power-up. He looks the same old, but his prowess is beyond measure. So who would win in a fight between two if they were to fight fair and square?

Saitama Vs. Goku: How have the two progressed?

Saitama’s got his godly power up in his fight against Gorou, and we also learned how his ability works. Shame that the second season wasn’t as good because that is one fight we will be willing to watch. Seeing that one punch man is limitless in all, regardless (of physical traits), has put him above all the characters in his universe. But that’s not the main of the series or Saitama Vs. Goku.

Saitama VS Goku

CC: Dragon Ball Super Franchise

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Goku has had some major power-ups along the way as well. From Super Saiyan to Ultra Instinct, he has reached height like never (although his hair didn’t change much in Ultra Instinct). But the way Goku Powers up is a little more realistic than Saitama. He can get stronger through fights but must be defeated first. A faster way for him to grow strong during fights would be using Senzu Beans mid-fight. But Goku isn’t the person who would resort to those methods, even if the fight will be as grand as Saitama VS Goku.

Who will win?

It all comes down to this in the debate of Saitama VS Goku. No matter how much theory is put forth and how things are set up, that’s the answer everyone wants. Though, it will be apt to say a lot of emotion is involved in the fight. Goku fans don’t want to see him lose, and neither do Saiatma fans. Even if there is a fair assessment of who would win, there will be counterarguments that would make characters act in a way that isn’t exactly like themselves. Take Goku, for instance; he is a battle maniac who gauges the level of his opponent and puts full force only if necessary.

Saitama VS Goku

CC: One Piece Franchise

In the power-up Saitama has gotten, he would still fight with him at his lowest and see what the one-punch man is made of. Given the Saiyan’s bad habit, he would lose if the fight continued for too long. So he would have to hit Saitama with his all in the first blow. But then, it won’t be much of a fight, would it? However, both the series are undergoing, and Goku could get new power along the way that would make him stronger than Saitama. In conclusion, we can never know until the creators make the two fights. Saitama Vs. Goku remains inconclusive.

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