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What Happened to Max in Coronation Street? All About Griff’s Terror Plot

Max Turner in Coronation Street
Max Turner in Coronation Street (Credits- DigitalSpy)

Are you a fan of English culture? If yes, you probably know Coronation Street. The TV show has been running since December 1960. It has the Guinness world record for the longest-running soap opera. In 2020, the show completed its journey of 60 years. The British drama now has more than 60 seasons with 10,000+ episodes. The show has won 168 awards and 288 nominations under different categories. Some of them are the All About Soap Awards, British Academy Television Awards, The British Soap Awards, and National Television Awards.

Well, that’s indeed impressive. But, what makes the show unique? Undoubtedly it’s stellar cast performances and refined storyline. The show features the life of people living in a cobbled street called Coronation Street. It is based in the fictional town of Weatherfield, England. The ITV production is created by British actor and screenwriter Tony Warren.

Since 1960, Coronation Street has featured various characters. All the characters differ in their popularity. Some of them remained in the show for more than a decade. One such character is Max Turner. Max first appeared on the show on 29th August 2010 and is a part of the English drama to date. Recently, he has been hanging around with a dangerous person. The budding friendship with this person has led Max into serious trouble.

So, who is this vicious person? And what happened to Max?

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All About Max from Coronation Street

Max Turner is a 16-year-old teenager born on 5th September 2006. However, he first appeared on the show in 2010 and has now made up to 638 episodes. The character was played by Harry McDermott from its first appearance till December 2020. In September 2021, Paddy Bever took over the role. Bever has attended multiple acting schools. In October 2022, the actor was awarded the Rising Star Award by the National Television Awards.

Max is the son of Kylie Turner and Callum Logan. Kylie was just 19 when he was born. His father was in prison at that time. Max had a disturbed childhood, as his mother did not want him. He was even taken by a social service organization as his mother was busy maintaining her lifestyle. Max’s custody created a lot of drama in the show. 

Max With His Father David in Coronation Street

Max With His Father David in Coronation Street (Credits- The Scottish Sun)

Later on, Kylie married David Platt and got Max’s custody. Father Callum also tried to have Max but died shortly. Kylie was also murdered by Clayton Hibbs in 2016. Since then, David has been taking care of Max along with his second wife, Shona.

Shona also has a daughter, Lily. Max is an impulsive teenager who suffers from ADHD. He doesn’t have a good bond with his legal father, David. He also faced bullying at school.

Max believes that nobody understands him. A far-right extremist Griff takes advantage of Max’s vulnerability. The young boy gets along with Griff, unaware of his hidden agenda. Now, what the hidden agenda is? How will it affect Max?

Here’s What Happened to Max Turner

Griff Reynolds is a builder played by Michael Condron. The character first appeared on 15th August 2022. He is a staunch racist. He befriends Max and starts brainwashing him. He even turned him against his family and friends. Griff directed his friend’s daughter, Lauren to fake love with him. David did not like Max’s involvement with Griff. 

Max in Griff Storyline- Coronation Street

Max in Griff Storyline- Coronation Street (Credits- DigitalSpy)

Max overreacted when David joked about Griff at the Christmas lunch. He also saw Max and Griff together at the Christmas market. David tried to take Max with him. But Max pushed him away and said that he didn’t like him. This time David saw his son drifting away. Max started editing Griff’s videos, spreading hateful messages. Poor Max finally knows about Griff’s malicious intentions on a campaigning trip with Griff‘s gang. He even spots a bomb in the boot of the car.

While returning, the bomb explodes, and Max gets injured. Griff and Spider rush him to the hospital, where Griff lies that he is Max’s father, and that it was a gas canister that exploded. Griff Reynolds is also ready for a terror attack.

He planted a bomb in Alya and Yasmeen Nazir‘s Speed Daal Vaan. But Max warns them about it. The situation was risky, but Alya drove the vehicle away from the crowd. The bomb exploded. Luckily, Alya was saved. Police arrested Max to interrogate but relieved him without any criminal charges. Max’s struggle is not over yet. The episode aired on 8th January 2023 is a thrilling one. 

A Still from Coronation Street When Griff Visits Max

A Still from Coronation Street When Griff Visits Max (Credits- Metro UK)

Griff visits Max’s house to convince him that the mission is for the freedom and honor of the Britishers. Fortunately, David comes at the right moment. This resulted in a fight between Griff and David. But ultimately, Spider enters with the police team and arrests Griff.

Max’s life is saved now. But public humiliation was also on the cards. Garry criticizes him in front of other street members and says that Max should be put in the next cell as Griff. At last, we see Max having a conversation with David.

It reveals that Max is very much affected by Griff’s ideology. He even tried to defend his thinking. It looks like the teenager is heavily manipulated. It would be interesting to see how it turns out for him.

Producer lain MacLeod has said that 2023 will be the year of redemption for Max. He also added that it will be a parenting challenge for David as well. Hence, a lot more trouble is waiting for Max.

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