Al Thaman Episode 42: Release Date & Streaming Guide

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Al Thaman Episode 42
Al Thaman Episode Still (Source: MBC Shahid)

Al Thaman will be airing episode 42 soon. We are here to share all information related to the release date of the next episode with some recap, spoilers, and where you can watch Al Thaman. It is a romantic and family drama Arabic series that premiered on 8th January 2023 in UAE.

It is an ongoing series and is already on episode 41. Arabic series has gained popularity among Asian drama fans over the years. Al Thaman is one of the most talked about Arabic series among viewers.

Al Thaman series is adapation of the hit award-winning Tukrish series Binbir Gece(2006). It features prominent actors from the Arab industry: Razane Jammal, Bassel Khaiat, Nicolas Mouawad, and Sara Abi Kanaan. The chemistry between the main characters, Sarah and Zein, has captivated fans.

Al Thaman Episode 42: The plot

The plot revolves around Sarah, a strong-minded single mother who is resuming her Architect career to support her family. She has managed to get an interview with a top construction firm with a reference from her best friend Tima, who works there. She meets Zein for the first time as her interviewer. He is one of the partners of the company. He has a cold and strict personality. Because of his past traumatic experience, he has a personal hatred for women.

Al Thaman Episode 42: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide
Zein from Al Thaman (Source: MBC Shahid)

Sarah lies about being an unmarried woman while interviewed for the sake of her son. Sarah’s son Ibrahim is a Leukaemia patient. Sarah gets busy with her son’s treatment and struggles in the office. Zein overloads Sarah with new projects and presentations. Zein has made the wrong impression on Sarah as she arrives late to the meeting. Zein thinks she is irresponsible and not serious about her profession.

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Sarah receives good news about her son’s surgery one day, but it requires a large sum of money within a quick time. She gets rejected for loans from banks. Mr. Ibrahim, the grandfather of Ibrahim, turns down her request as he has cut all links with Sarah. With her last hope, she goes to Zein and pleads for the money as a debt so she can return later. But Zein offers a condition to Sarah to spend a night with him for the requested money.

Al Thaman Episode 42: Recap

In the previous episode of Al Thaman, Sumayya, Zein’s mother, did not approve of the presence of Sarah in Zein’s life. Zein gets targeted by a shooter while going on a date with Sarah. Police are looking for Mo’tasem, who has gone missing. Zein developed good bonding with Ibrahim after spending time.

Al Thaman Episode 42: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide
Al Thaman Episode Still (Source: MBC Shahid)

Mr. Ibmrahim and Sumayya are unhappy with Zein and Sarah getting closer. Tima’s life is in chaos. Someone from her past has unusually reappeared. She is searching new job and has asked Jimmy for help, but he takes advantage of her. Sumayya gets scolded by her son Zein for her behavior with Sarah. It creates a conflict between mother and son. Sumayya comes up with a new plan to keep Zein away from Sarah.

When Zein is away visiting his mother in the hospital, Mo’tasem targets Sarah. Sarah’s son Ibrahim has been kidnapped, which upsets everyone; Zein is doing everything he can to find Ibrahim. Mo’tasem contacts Sarah to demand money in exchange for Ibrahim. Sarah decides to stop accepting police assistance, and Zein risks his life to save Ibrahim. Mo’tasem has again fleed away with the money.

Many twists are coming ahead in Sarah and Zein’s relationship. Will Sumayya ever accept Sarah as her son? What mysterious scheme has Mr. Ibrahim planned this time for Zein? Watch the next episode of Al Thamn to know more about Sarah and Zein’s story.

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Al Thaman Episode 42: Release Date & Time

Al Thaman will release episode 42 on March 8, 2023, through the MBC network channel in UAE. It airs new episodes from Sunday to Thursday at 6 am EST. Fans can check out the time zone details below to watch the upcoming episode of Al Thaman in your region. 

  • Pacific Standard Time (USA): 3:00 am (March 8, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time (Canada): 5:00 am (March 8, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time ( UK): 11:00 am (March 8, 2023)
  • Pakistan Standard Time (Pakistan): 4:00 pm (March 8, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time (India): 4:30 pm (March 8, 2023)
  • China Standard Time (China): 7:00 pm (March 8, 2023)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 9:30 pm(March 8, 2023)

Al Thaman Episode 42: Streaming Guide

The viewers from UAE can watch Al Thaman through the MBC network Tv channel. Al Thaman episodes are available through the streaming platform MBC Shahid. The services are worldwide to enjoy exclusive Arabian series, movies, and other programs. To access the services, you need VIP subscriptions starting at 11.19 USD.

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