Talk To Me Filming Locations: Where Is The Horror Movie Shot?

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Talk To Me
Talk To Me (Credit: Maslow Entertainment)

Let’s know Talk To Me Filming Locations. ‘Talk to Me’ is an Australian supernatural horror thriller film directed by Danny and Michael Philippou that centers on Mia, an adolescent who seeks solace from the anniversary of her mother’s passing by summoning ghosts in order to discover more about the afterlife.

She gathers her friends for yet another séance, using an embalmed hand, and they are not ready to deal with the ramifications of having sustained contact with the spiritual realm.

As Mia struggles to repair the damage before it becomes irreparable now that the portal to another world is wide open, she is troubled by some terrifying otherworldly visions. Dark visuals complement the mystery movie’s gloomy tone and star Sophie Wilde, Alexandra Jensen, Joe Bird, Otis Dhanji, and Miranda Otto.

The school and the house where the companions execute the séance are just two of the many locations where the drama takes place, leaving viewers wondering where the real filming took place.

We have answers for you if you’ve been thinking the same thing! “Talk to Me” was entirely filmed in Australia, particularly in Adelaide. Production was supposed to begin in early 2021. However, it was ultimately postponed. The horror film’s primary photography reportedly started in late February 2022 and ended in early April of that same year.

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Talk To Me Filming Locations

Adelaide, Australia

The majority of the crucial scenes for “Talk to Me” were filmed in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. According to reports, the production team moved about the city to record various interior and exterior sequences against appropriate backgrounds.

The area of Mawson Lakes in Adelaide’s City of Salisbury, for instance, served as one of the main filming locations for the Sophie Wilde-starring movie. The film team is also said to have set up camp in the Adelaide areas of Glenside and Pooraka.

The magnificent opening sequence of the narrative, which incorporates multiple dynamics, provides a gripping start. Roger Ebert questioned Danny and Michael Philippou in July 2023 about their memories of the complex logistics of filming that particular scene.

Danny said that they really had to build up to that opening. Since it was the last scene we actually shot, the entire movie felt like it was setting up to carry out this massive sequence. Michael continued by saying It was hard to find that house. At 2:30 AM, which is when we initially planned to end up, we began filming.

It was such a huge task that we ended up performing ten takes, and each photo was gradually getting better. They had to break down ten different doors before hitting the target on the last one, Danny said, picking up the conversation once more.

According to him, Cole’s actor Ari McCarthy had to break down ten doors that evening, so he was sore the next day but still game. All of our cast and staff members worked together to call for extras and fans to show up, bringing an increasing number of people onto the set.

Plot Of The Movie

The film begins on Mia’s mother’s memorial day after a terrifying cold opening. Mia accepts Riley’s call happily that evening and offers to pick him up from the park while Riley’s father tries to engage her in conversation.

Talk To Me
Talk To Me (Credit Maslow Entertainment)

They unexpectedly come upon a mortally wounded kangaroo slowly dying on the road ahead of them as they return to Riley’s house while screaming-singing along to Sia’s “Chandelier.” Riley begs Mia to run over the kangaroo and put it out of its pain, but at the last second, she slams on the brakes and swerves around it, leaving it to suffer and setting up a lot of what will happen later in the movie.

Mia shows Jade a video of some of their classmates clutching a white porcelain hand and pretending to be possessed by spirits that are created from it that have been making the rounds on social media while they are at Riley and Jade’s house. 

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