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Review: The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9 ‘Catfights And Oscar-Worthy Crying’

Poster for the show, The Bachelor
The Bachelor Credits: ABC

Give a really attractive thirty different but similar-looking absolutely gorgeous women, along with the decision to decide who from the bunch is going to be his wife, and you get the American reality show, The Bachelor. Premiered on March 25th, 2002, the show has continued on for the past twenty-one years and recently released its twenty-seventh season on January 23rd, 2023.

Over the past two hundred-and-something episodes, the show has pretty much followed the same format. They get a really good-looking guy on the show, who is also successful, and they get some really beautiful women desperate for male validation and to be seen. The guy gets to sit back leisurely and decide who is worthy enough, whereas the girls go through all types of emotional torture. 

The recent season of the show brought a contestant from one of the previous seasons of The Bachelorette, Zach Shallcross as the main guy for this season. The show took Zach and the thirty female participants to the Bahamas, London, Hungary, and Thailand.

This dating reality show is probably a guilty pleasure for us all and has, because of its immense success, put out various versions and spinoffs based on the original show.

The show has previously received criticism for not being inclusive of other races, as it mainly casts only pretty white blonde women or pretty white blonde men. It was also under fire for being a patriarchial slave and showing virginity as an achievement.

Zach Shallcross for the show, The Bachelor (Credits: ABC)

Zach Shallcross for the show, The Bachelor (Credits: ABC)

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9 Storyline

Titled “Women Tell All,” the ninth episode of the show was aired on March 14th, 2023. There remain only three women to choose from, and the episode could not get more exciting. The season is soon going to end, which means that the tension and stress levels are high for both Zach and the remaining girls.

With only Ariel, Kaity, and Gabi left, the episode introduced a segment called Fantasy Suite Week. But before the show could officially start, the ones who did not make the cut were called to the stage, and a raging discussion about who did what to who took place. All of the pent-up steam was most definitely released right there on national television.

Brooklyn, Kat, Olivia, and Charity, along with the rest, looked like they had prepared all the hot tea they had to keep to themselves till now. The women were invited, by Jesse, to the couch on stage, where they could finally tell their side of the story and call out all sorts of names to their competitors.

One thing led to the other, and a nasty fight with all the ex-participants using filthy language ensued. When it was finally Greer’s turn to talk, the show definitely turned serious. As sad as Greer leaving the show in the Budapest episode as it was, host Jesse was ready to call her out for being racist online.

The show called on Dr. Banks to educate people on racism and to create more awareness. It is shockingly nice of the producers to do that, considering their own past actions. All the girls get to sit on the couch, where they tell their stories and cry about it. Next was Zach’s turn to join the ladies on stage and let them know why they were let go.

Half the time, Zach did not have an actual reason for sending somebody away. He had to make a choice, and it had to be someone. He really just closed his eyes and chose whoever came to his mind first. While Zach was breaking hearts, Jesse was busy mending them with his sweet words and tens of handkerchiefs.

The episode hinted at who the next star of The Bachelorette would be, the heavy focus on Charity and her journey made us suspicious, and the end of this episode confirmed them. The episode then revealed some really embarrassing and funny behind-the-scenes of the girls before moving on to discussing the fantasy suite week, aka the sex week.

Zach had previously said that he wanted to have a no-sex sex week and that he did not want to indulge in that form of physical intimacy with any of the girls. But we cannot be sure if he went through with this plan of his. The next episode holds some really dramatic and emotional moments for both the girls and Zach himself.

The Bachelor

A still from the show, The Bachelor (Credits: ABC)

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 9 Review

The dating show, The Bachelor revolves around a single guy trying to find true love on camera on national television. Since this is the perfect way to find your forever love and leave a permanent print on the internet for the entire world to see, the show has continued on for over two decades. The current season, the dullest of them all, has cast Zach Shallcross, a sales executive from California.

Zach is a nice guy, which is the most boring way to describe somebody, but it is what it is. He is emotional when it comes to him, but if somebody else is being vulnerable in front of him, then he just sends them home.

He says it was difficult for him to send some of the girls home, but when asked why he took the decision to send Charity or Kat, or Greer home, he just copied and pasted the answer to them all.

This episode revealed a more raw side of the former participants, where they went from being sophisticated ladies to a bunch of nasty teenagers. Somebody is called manipulative and calculated, and somebody else is called selfish and negative, and all of this continues till somebody else is called a clout chaser. 

Victoria J. finds the right time and chimes in, revealing that Anastasia was a part of the show only because she wanted more followers on social media and that she had a boyfriend while being on the show.

No matter how much she denies this, the damage is done. It is funny to see the rest of the girls pretending that they were not on the show for their two minutes of fame, like they did not want more social media clout, like way more than half the marriages from the show do not end up in divorce.

It is just sad to see successful women being pitted against each other, scripted or not, for one man’s attention and six months of love. The show finally played nice while taking responsibility for calling out Greer’s racist ways and giving a whole lecture on racism and microaggression against black people.

The women take turns sitting on the hot seat and diving deeper into their journey on this show. Each participant comes, sits, and talks about themselves and what hurt them the most, then they cry because they end up pitying their own selves, and then it repeats. It gets kind of exhausting and repetitive watching them crib about hard it was for them and cry while watching their faces on screen.

This episode felt particularly long and boring. After the show is done cosplaying a talk show, Zach gets called on stage, and the women try to redeem themselves by crying some more. Zach, the nice guy, does not know his own emotions and is unfamiliar with his own thoughts. 

When asked why he let certain people go, he did not really have much to say except for “somebody had to go” and “I do not know.”  None of the girls get the closure they wanted and expected.

The remaining participants do not come on the screen once throughout the episode, and the fun fantasy suite week gets stalled for another week. It felt both disappointing and exciting when the episode rolled its credits.

A cut from the recent episode of the show, The Bachelor (credits: ABC)

A cut from the recent episode of the show, The Bachelor (Credits: ABC)

Our Verdict

This episode felt unnecessary and not what the fans anticipated. It could have been an episode with grown adults talking about their feelings, but it turned into more of a diss battle with immature and insecure people and ended with the complete destruction of Anastasia’s reputation.

Fans sit in anticipation for the next episode, where the fantasy suite week finally rolls out, followed by some more emotional drama, this time by Zach. Whether he will keep up with his statement of keeping sex week pure and clean, we will find in episode tenth of the show that is set for release on march 20th, 2023.

Our Rating: ⭐ (2.8/5).

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