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How to Watch Bastard Out of Carolina in 2022?

Even after decades of its release, fans are still searching about how to watch Bastard Out of Carolina. The film came out in 1996. It has the elements of drama. Angelica Huston directed the story. The plot is inspired by a novel that was published in 1992. The writer of it was Dorothy Allison. The film was a major success at the time of its release. We see that actress Jena Malone stars in the lead role of Bone. She is a poor girl who has been molested and badly abused. This is her story, her narrative of the world. She happens to be a young girl in South Carolina’s Greenville.

The story starts in the 1950s. Bone lives with the rest of her mother’s side of the family in a poor part of the town. Her father is not in the picture. Anney, her mother, loves Bone but is still not a mature woman herself. She is tired of supporting herself and her child and needs attention and adoration from others, but nobody gives that to her. Throughout the film, we see that people see Bone as an illegitimate child. Later, we see an incident happening at the courthouse of the county as it burns down. This makes Anney very happy that a copy of her daughter’s birth certificate now does not exist.

As for Anney, she finds out that her first husband has died. Thus, she marries a good guy named Glenn. The two are about to have a child of their own when the son dies at childbirth. We see that while waiting for Anney to give birth, Glenn molests Bone in the car. After this, the episodes start to happen too often, where he also is seen beating her in the bathroom.

Glenn is frustrated with the death of his son, whom he was so excited about. As a cherry on top, he is irritated with the fact that Anney can not have a child now, and he can not manage his temper around people any longer. Although, this is no excuse to molest someone innocent.

How to Watch Bastard Out of Carolina

Xfinity Stream

Bastard Out of Carolina is available to watch on Xfinity Stream Services. The platform costs about 4.99 dollars a month. It has various content from platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus, along with Hulu, Prime Video, and HBO Max.


Bastard Out of Carolina is not currently available on HBO Max. It can not be said with certainty about when we shall have the film on the platform. The services cost 9.99 dollars a month for an ad-supported version. We also have a 14.99 dollars version with no advertisements. There are various other films on the platform, like Bastard Out of Carolina on the platform.


Unfortunately, Hulu does not have Bastard Out of Carolina as well. The film saw a very limited release. Given the fact that it has images of physical violence, molestation, and abuse, it was even banned from a variety of cinemas upon its release. Thus, finding it on a major streaming service right now in 2022 is quite difficult.

As for Hulu, it costs 13.99 dollars as its basic subscription plan, which is ad supported. The services have a lot of films that resemble the like of Bastard Out of Carolina. The premium version of the platform is staked at 19.99 dollars a month.


One night, Bone wakes her mother up in the middle of the night when Anney takes her to the hospital. It is revealed that Bone’s coccyx has broken after she was beaten badly by Glenn. When she comes back home with a fractured Bone, Glenn tries to comfort the child. Although, Anney slaps his hand away.

She becomes quite disappointed by the behavior of her husband and thus, leaves Bone at her sister’s house to recover from the injury. When Bone becomes better, Glenn promises to never abuse the child, and thus, Anney returns to him. Although, the episodes start again at their house. In order to know how Bone escapes the situation, you should refer to the platforms mentioned above.

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