Scarface Filming Locations: Where Was The Cult-Classic Shot?

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Scarface (Credit: Universal Pictures)

The movie has made quite a splash among the crime genre fans, and they are wondering about where Scarface was filmed. Brian De Palme directed the movie as it was released in 1983. The film has been long regarded as a cult classic now. It focuses on how a small immigrant from Cuba comes to Miami in, Florida.

As he starts his mere lide, he always dreams about making it big. We soon see him becoming a powerful drug lord in the 1980s in Miami. These few refugees start working for a local kingpin and go on to make a drug empire of their own. Tony is the lead character who has ambitions in his eyes and is always ruthless. He kills his own boss in order to take charge of the cocaine empire.

Although, at the peak of his career, where Tony has achieved it all, we see that he becomes paranoid and starts abusing substances. Soon, a war emerges when Tony’s activities slip right out of hand, and he starts to splurge the money. Even the police become aware of the same.

Scarface Plot Summary

Given the fact that he started acting like he was above everyone, during the climax of the movie, we see that he is betrayed by some of his closest people. The entire movie is based on crime and action elements. We see how Tony was blinded by the American dream, and it all took him down. The film also aims to pass on the message about unchecked ambition and the price of power.

Coming to the filming locations, the movie has been filmed at various places across Miami. The city was a perfect backdrop for the plot of the film, which is set in here. There were various places around town that were used at the location. Miami is popularly known for its Art Deco architecture as well as the cultural diversity that exists in the place. Coming to the filming locations, here is where the movie took place and was filmed.

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Scarface Filming Locations

1. Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel

This is one of the luxury resorts in Miami located at Collins Avenue. The venue was used during the scene where we saw Tony. He was trying to assassinate his rival drug lord. This luxurious space was used in order to portray how Tony has risen up the ranks in society and the tax brackets as well. This was one of the very highly established places in Miami at the time, which we saw on the screen.

Scarface Filming Locations? Where Was The Cult-Classic Shot?
Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel (Credit: Universal Pictures)

2. Sun Ray Apartments, Babylon Club

These flats are located in downtown Miami. It is one of the most important locations in the film. We often see Tony coming down here in order to brainstorm and build his criminal empire in the city. The entire area surrounding the apartments served as a perfect backdrop for the vibrant nightlife of Maimi and how we see the culture which existed in the city all those years ago.

3. Freedom Tower

This is again located in Downtown Miami. The building is one of the historic Mediterranean revival-style places in the city. The location was used by the crew in order to feature the scenes where Tony earlier used to visit the Immigration and Naturalization Service. All these attempts were to secure a green card. It was one of the most important elements of the film because it added a sense of authenticity to the plot. Along with that, it also highlighted the rich heritage of the immigrant experience in Miami.

Scarface Filming Locations? Where Was The Cult-Classic Shot?
Freedom Tower (Credit: Universal Pictures)

4. Mutiny Hotel, Coconut Grove

The hotel is located in the Coconut Grove area of the city. This place was used to highlight the peak time of Tony’s career in a drug cartel. He used to host meetings in this luxurious place with some wealthy politicians as well as cartel members. It was used to signify how Tony wanted to be rich so badly that he joined an underground criminal world without a second thought.

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