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WWE SmackDown 23 September Results: Roman Reigns Accepts Zayn, And McIntyre & Kross’ Extreme Rules Match Stipulation

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results
WWE SmackDown 23 September Results

Last Updated on September 24, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Roman Reigns returns to WWE SmackDown on 23 September, where he will address the WWE fans before his fight against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel on November 5. In the first segment of last week’s show, Logan Paul made a press conference announcement for the following day, when he would formally challenge Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship. Will Reigns have anything to say?

The Brawling Brutes’ Ridge Holland and Butch, the top contenders, will square off against The Undisputed Tag Team Champions, The Usos, in the main event of the show. The Brawling Brutes secured their position after defeating Imperium, Hit Row, and New Day in a Fatal Four-Way #1 Contender’s Match last week. The Usos will likely continue to dominate, but will fans see any new champions crowned tonight?

Braun Strowman will face Otis from Alpha Academy in what is sure to be a brutal match in his first match since rejoining the company. When Strowman made his comeback on “Raw” on September 5 during a Fatal Four-Way #1 Contenders Match, he stunned the world by shoulder tackling Otis through the barricade. Since that time, Alpha Academy has been planning their revenge against him. Will Otis be successful in defeating the 6’8″ giant?

Here are the WWE SmackDown 23 September Results:

Roman Reigns’ Return

As WWE SmackDown goes LiveThe Bloodline enters the ring. After that, we move on to a little clip of Logan Paul and Roman Reigns’ press conference. Paul Heyman hands a microphone to Reigns. Before giving the microphone back to Heyman, Reigns commands Salt Lake City to acknowledge him. Heyman first introduces himself, then goes on to ask what to call folks from Salt Lake City. He decides on the Salt Lake Ci-diots, and after talking about Reign’s victory against Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, he claims that the entire world is Reign’s territory and that Cardiff never was McIntyre’s home territory. He then describes Solo Sikoa, stating that the thought for him is that he’s been “sent by the seniors of the Samoan Dynasty” to crush Brock Lesnar.

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – Roman Reigns’ Return

Heyman calls Roman Reigns the group’s enforcer after saying that someone had to put an end to the conspiracies surrounding him. After that, Heyman addresses The Usos, telling them that they can now concentrate on greatness “in their quest of immorality.” Jimmy goes on to say that by the end of tonight’s show, they will continue to be the WWE Tag Team Champions. Reigns then addresses Sikoa, saying that even though the elders may have sent him, Sikoa is under Reigns’ command. Roman commands Sikoa to acknowledge him and he does, then they hug.

Reign’s music starts to play, but Zayn orders the music to stop. He says he wanted to express appreciation to The Bloodline and to Reigns. Reigns admits that he likes him but questions his motives for speaking. Reigns ask Zayn why he is following them and why he is wearing their shirt, which surprises him. He goes on to ask Zayn what he desires before telling him that he wants him to take off their shirt.

While the audience boos, Zayn says that he can explain what happened last week with Logan Paul, but Reigns interrupts him and says he won’t repeat it again. Zayn is unwilling to listen, resulting in Jey ripping the shirt off. Reigns tells him he doesn’t want to see him wearing a Bloodline shirt ever again and then adds he has a new one for him. He throws a shirt at him that reads, “Honorary Uce.” With joy, Zayn puts it on. Zayn then thanks Reigns before giving him a hug.

Liv Morgan vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans is waiting in the ring when Liv Morgan returns from the break. The two lock up as the bell rings. Morgan slaps Evans, and Evans responds with a right arm and a big boot. Morgan responds with a drop kick and a knee after she throws her face first against the top turnbuckle. Evans brags after hitting a leg sweep. She strikes a forearm and a knee after delivering a snapmare. Then Evans throws Morgan against the ring post face first.

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – Liv Morgan vs. Lacey Evans

Evans gives Morgan a double knee after the break. She keeps slapping Morgan before Morgan kicks her numerous times in the face. Evans exits the ring and checks the ground there. She reaches for a kendo stick and tries to hit Morgan. To win, Morgan hits a Code Breaker and then The Oblivion.

After Match

Following the match, Morgan holds the kendo stick and strikes Evans multiple times. She then uses it to throw Evans into the barricade on her back and neck. Then Morgan goes beneath the ring and takes a table. She sets Evans on top of it before climbing to the ring posts top. She hands Evans a senton before announcing to Ronda Rousey that she is “ready to get extreme.”

After that, we go to Hit Row backstage. They say that later tonight they will be watching The Brawling Brutes vs The Usos at a VIP Party. They say they will hunt the winning team. The Street Profits enter with solo cups. Montez Ford starts asking everyon who they think will win in the match between Strowman and Otis. The six then raise a glass to one another as Shinsuke Nakamura then makes an appearance.

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – Liv Morgan vs. Lacey Evans After Match

After the break, we return and see Sami Zayn backstage. He is approached by Ricochet and Madcap Moss, who says he has changed. They describe him as “annoying and intolerable.” Zayn says disrespecting him is also disrespecting The Bloodline. Ricochet tries to tell him off before Solo Sikoa appears out of nowhere and throws the two guys into the garage door. We then turn to a clip hyping up The Usos and their championship reign.

New Day vs. Maximum Male Models

After returning after the break, New Day enters the ring, where Maximum Male Models is already waiting. Woods and Mn.sôör open the action. The two lock up when the bell rings. Ma.çé tags in and takes down Woods. Woods sends Mn.sôör to the outside after he tags himself back in. Ma.çé re-enters the action and bodyslams Woods. He hits an uppercut off the middle rope and then attempts a pin, but Woods breaks out. As Maxxine Dupri takes shots of them, Mn.sôör tags back in. Then, Woods succeeds in rolling him up to secure the victory.

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – New Day vs. Maximum Male Models

After the match, Maximum Male Models are yelled at by Max Dupri. He then storms out after taking off his jacket. The ring team is then shown fixing the ring in preparation for Braun Strowman and Otis’ match. After the break, Braun Strowman and Alpha Academy enter the ring.

Braun Strowman vs. Otis

The two lock up when the bell rings. After giving Otis a right hand, Strowman throws him across the ring. He delivers a drop kick that knocks Otis out of the ring before attempting his famous running shoulder tackle. Gable distracts him, which gives Otis the advantage and allows him to push him into the barricade and ring post. He throws Strowman back in and then delivers a clothesline with a discus. He attempts to pin Strowman, but he kicks out after one.

After landing a splash in the corner, Otis delivered multiple right hands. Otis gets knocked to the commentary desk by Strowman when he responds with a spine buster. Gable tries to stop him from entering the ring, but he is tossed back into it by him. Strowman throws him into the area reserved for the timekeeper before entering the ring again.


WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – Braun Strowman vs. Otis

Otis delivers the World’s Strongest Slam before attempting to pin Strowman, but he kicks out. He follows that with a Vader Bomb off the middle rope before attempting a second pin. Otis tries to dive for a head butt before Strowman kicks out once more. To win, Strowman dodges hurdles and drops a powerbomb.

After that, we go see Kayla and The Brawling Brutes backstage. Before Rigde Holland declares that they will humiliate The Usos to win the championships, Butch declares that it is fight night. Sheamus says that they enjoy a good fight, then goes on to say he will defeat Gunther 2 weeks from now. He promises them banger after banger after banger.

Drew McIntyre Will Fight Kross In A Strap Match At Extreme Rules

Drew McIntyre enters the ring after returning from the break. McIntyre claims that he doesn’t enjoy playing games and invites anyone who disagrees with him to participate in a direct fight with him. McIntyre goes on to say that if Karrion Kross continues to keep jumping him from behind, then he’ll face consequences. Then he announces that he will compete in a Strap Match against Kross at Extreme Rules.

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – Drew McIntyre and Kross

Scarlett enters the ring as Kross’ song begins to play. Kross tries to hit him from behind, but McIntyre knocks him shoulder first against the ring post. He ties Kross to himself with the strap he had brought to the ring. After giving him a big boot, he whips him twice. Kross tries to escape, but McIntyre drags him back and whips him with the strap once more.

After delivering a lariat, he attempts to whip him again, but Scarlett steps in between the two of them. Scarlett throws a flame at McIntyre as he charges at him. This doesn’t hold McIntyre down for too long as he hits Kross with a spine buster. Then Scarlett delivers a low blow on McIntyre. With the announcement that he will see him at Extreme Rules, Kross locks in the Kross Jacket. When asked to “let it go,” he replies that this is what they wanted.

Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Rodriguez

After the break, Damage CTRL and Raquel Rodriguez enter the ring. Rodriguez immediately pushes Kai into the corner as the bell rings. Rodriguez blocks Kai’s attempt to use a Scorpion Kick. Kai is able to kick Rodriguez sprinting in the corner thanks to the distraction created by Bayley and IYO SKY. Bayley tries to get in the way, but Shotzi goes to the ring and takes care of her. Rodriguez is now able to roll up Kai to win.

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – Dakota Kai vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Just after the match, Damage CTRL knocks down Rodriguez and Shotzi. Shotzi gets the advantage as the two women stand strong in the ring. After the break, the commentary goes through the show’s schedule for the next week. After that, The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn enter the ring. The Brawling Brutes then follow.

The Usos vs. The Brawling Brutes (WWE Tag Team Titles)

Butch and Jey begin the action. When the bell rings, Butch starts to attack Jey. He gives Jey his usual finger breaks before tagging Holland. After throwing a right hand, Jey tags Jimmy in. Jimmy gives Holland a few punches to the chest before tagging Jey back in. He gives Butch a forearm before the two of them do The Ten Beats together. Jey throws Holland out of the ring after Butch tags him back in. Then, after throwing Butch back into the ring and tagging in Jimmy, he throws Butch face first against the barricade.


WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – The Usos vs. The Brawling Brutes

When Butch returns from the break, he gives Jimmy a boot and a forearm. Jimmy performs a step-up enziguri before trying to pin Butch, who kicks out. Jey rejoins and gets Zayn in an argument outside the ring. As a result, Butch is able to deliver an enziguri and go to Holland. Jimmy is distracted by Holland before he slams him with a tilt-a-whirl. He attempts to pin Jimmy, but Jimmy kicks him out.

After giving a right hand, Jimmy performs a Samoan Drop. Butch enters and knocks Jimmy out. He knocks him from the ring, but Jey tags in without being seen. Butch does a double stomp and a German suplex. Butch attempts to pin Jey, but Jey kicks him out. Butch attempts a moonsault on the brothers while Jimmy joins in. After delivering a super kick together, Jimmy attempts to pin Butch, but Butch breaks out.

Jey rejoins and the two attempt a 1-D, but Butch counters into a DDT. Snapping Jey’s fingers, he tags Holland in. Jimmy successfully makes the blind tag and delivers an Alabama Slam to the brothers. Butch rejoins, and the two exchange moves in a combination. He tries to pin it, but Jey stops him. Sheamus takes a chair away from Zayn as he attempts to take one from the audience. He tries to knock Zayn unconscious, but Imperium surprises him and beats him. Butch and Holland try to help, but The Usos hit them with superkicks before smacking Butch with 1-D in the ring for the victory.

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results

WWE SmackDown 23 September Results – The Usos wins

Where To Watch WWE Smackdown

WWE Friday Night Smackdown airs at 8 pm PT on FOX. New episodes of WWE Smackdown are released every Friday. If you have FOX on your TV, then you could just tune in at the above-mentioned time. But, if for some reason you missed the show while it was airing live or you prefer Streaming WWE Smackdown, then there are several Streaming options available.

Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, has rights to all of the WWE SmackDown weekly shows. Basically, you can watch all of the WWE shows on Peacock. You’ll need to pay 4.99$ for its monthly subscription, and if you give an additional 5$, then you can have an ad-free experience. Other platforms that will you to Streaming WWE Smackdown are fuboTV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV. If you are from Canada, then you can go for SN Now, and for UK peeps, BT Sports will be the place.

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