Echoes Ending Explained: Which Twin Is It?

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which twin was it in echoes finale
Echoes Ending Explained!

The Netflix original Echoes has already garnered much praise from critics and viewers alike for its compelling plotlines, intriguing secrets, and thrilling conclusion. The synopsis is about the frightening secret shared by Leni & Gina, identical twins who are the subjects of the mystery/thriller Echoes.

Leni & Gina have been covertly switching lives since they were little. Now that they are grownups, they share the following houses: two husbands and a child. However, all in their carefully orchestrated world are upended when one of the siblings goes missing.

Leni & Gina McCleary, twin sisters, who follow the yearly custom of trading lives on their birthdays and residing in each other’s shoes till the next, are the subjects of the compelling series written and developed by Vanessa Gazy. Their strategy appears to be flawlessly thought out, but everything starts to fall apart when one twin inexplicably vanishes.

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The Recap Of Echoes

When Gina’s favorite twin sister Leni mysteriously disappears, her husband calls to inform her. But it turns out that Gina, who devised a scheme to vanish so she could conceive a child with her high school girlfriend Dylan, is the person who is genuinely missing.

which twin was it in echoes finale
A still from the series’ finale.

The siblings had a difficult childhood and chose good professions. However, after Gina loses the chance to become a mother, they team up with the plan to switch lives—in a way—to save her. It turns out that Charlie was aware that his spouse Gina had already been exchanging with Leni all along the road.

In the finale episode, we saw that.  Amid the furious home fire, Leni and Geni argue. Leni worries that she will have to lie about everything. Gina, however, wants to run away from everything. Leni chases Gina after she manages to escape through the upper window.

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Later, Leni’s involvement in the fatal church fire was exposed through an exciting flashback. However, she unintentionally left an important type of proof at the crime scene. At the site of the crime, a single lion pendant from her bracelet was missing.

which twin was it in echoes finale
The flashback.

Nevertheless, Floss is eager to locate the proof and connect the fire to the right sister, Leni, even though it was housed at the police precinct in a specific box. Eventually, Leni and Gina can be seen engaging in a fierce struggle. Leni immediately recalls some upsetting memories of their mom’s death as she is seen attempting to kill Gina in the river. In the flashback, it is revealed that Leni saw her dad drown their mom, Maria, in their home shower.

She was deeply disturbed by the event, which significantly impacted her. The identical twins debate whether their mother’s difficult passing was a murder. Given that there were apple blossoms in the shower at the time of the event, Gina is convinced this was not a murder.

Echoes Ending Explained

Leni was scarred as a youngster after witnessing their dad kill their mother in the shower one evening; we discover this as the twins fight at the edge of a waterfall. Gina says that their parents arranged the demise and that she requested that he end her suffering because she was suffering from a fatal disease.

which twin was it in echoes finale
A still from the twins’ childhood.

“That one phrase you approved, that’s not genuine; it started anything, and then she hurled herself onto the cliff, likely to your death,” screamed Gina. Although we cannot see Gina’s body, the authorities believe Leni set the fire.

After saying farewell to Mattie in class, she consults with an attorney. When the police arrive to apprehend her, she has already left for the airport to board a flight to Australia. When she gets to security, a lady checks her visa and inquires whether she saw her yesterday.

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This statement indicates that the security guard saw Gina, probably still alive, and fled just before Leni. In the climactic scene, Charly, Gina’s former husband, reads from his recent novel, Leni & Gina. The book is about girls’ “twinship.”

which twin was it in echoes finale
Jack from Echoes.

A lady in the back of the room asks if the twin died by suicide at the falls. She is wearing black, a big hat, and glasses. The woman approaches Charlie, who replies that his spouse was never located. Charlie is hardly startled to see a woman waiting for him when he comes home.

He remarks that he never changes the locks and then confronts her about attending his reading. Charlie adds, “I’ll figure out, you know…which one are you,” as the duo greets each other. She responds, “Perhaps. I may not even know anymore.

She responds, “So many scores to settle, Charlie,” when he inquires about her return. So which twin is it. While fans are perplexed about which sibling it is, Monaghan believes it to be Leni. Monaghan admitted in a virtual interview that she had to decide ingeniously.

which twin was it in echoes finale
Claudia learns the secret.

“I decided on Leni. I believe Gina was in the bookstore. I also decided to do it. I believe Gina will have a happy ending, according to Monaghan. “Even Lina has a pleasant finale, as per me.” She said.

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