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The First Responders Episode 6: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

The First Responders
The First Responders Episode 6: Release Date

The release date for The First Responders Episode 6 is here. We will be revealing The First Responders Episode 6 release date and how to watch The First Responders Episodes, but first, let us provide our new readers with a summary of the show’s plot. Another highly-watched ongoing television series in South Korea is called The First Responders.

The most recent thriller drama will contain 24 episodes altogether. However, the first season will only consist of 12 episodes, with the remaining seven episodes being released in the second season, which will premiere in the second half of 2019. The program adheres to the thriller and action genres.

The detective in the drama, Jin Ho-gae, prefers to spend his time on something other than pointless activities. He has no intention of becoming amiable. He is devoted to his job as a detective nonetheless. He uses his skills and abilities to solve every criminal case.

Although he has a unique approach to dealing with criminals, he has a troubled past. His background may work against him. He shares the Taewon Fire Station with a fire investigator named Gongmyung Pil. Despite his apparent coldness, he rushes to assist the victims. The Taewon Fire Station employs the paramedic Song Seol. She has an empathic nature and is a social butterfly.

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The First Responders Episode 5: recap

The episode opens with a loved one passing away, but things quickly worsen when a money lender comes looking for a loaned sum. The family learns that increased interest caused the loaned sum to increase from 6 million won to 31 million won. Because adding some money was against the law, the family decided to take the loan sharks to court.

The First Responders Episode 5 recap

Jin from The First Responders.

Anna started to think the money lender had falsified the paperwork. Jin Ho-gae, meanwhile, prepared to participate in a police sting. He revealed on his forehead that he was a fake before disguising himself as a felon. He passed the ceremony location where the trainee had been sworn in. He finds out that he must kill individuals when he comes across them.

He enters the building without the rest of the team and the people they were intended to function with on the mission. They began by securing the structure by locking every door. After knowing that the man was examining the supplies to blow up the full building, Ho-gae realized that he was putting explosives on the entire structure.

Ho-gae is imprisoned after the recruiter discovers that he is misrepresenting his identity. The other thieves begin to formulate the rest of the scheme. Ho-gae succeeds in freeing himself, and he tells Anna about the strategy. She travels with the cops as they head out to save the victims.

The First Responders Episode 5 recap

A still from The First Responders Episode 5.

Ho-gae and the firefighters save Anna and her entire team. They race to the court to attend to the ongoing legal proceeding. Anna provides evidence that the papers were faked. The case was dropped, and the loan shark was acquitted of the charges.

The chief executive can be seen arguing against Ho-gae a few days following episode three. The show stops on a cliffhanger when Ho-gae arrives at an unknown location.

When Is The First Responders Episode 6 Release Date?

The First Responders Episode 6 Release Date is Friday, December 2, 2022. The First Responders Episode 6 will air on SBS at 10 pm KST in Korea. While fans from other nations can stream The First Responders Episode 6 at 9 pm Philippine standard time, 6.30 pm Indian standard time, 2 pm Greenwich mean time, 8 am eastern standard time, and 10 pm Japanese standard time.

The First Responders Episode 6: Where To Watch

The First Responders Episode 6 will air on SBS for Korean fans while it will stream on Disney+ Hotstar for Indian fans. However, all the fans from nations other than Korea and India can stream The First Responders Episode at the time listed above with Disney+. Kindly check the times easily above for the viewers outside Korea do not miss the sixth episode when it goes live in their nation.

The First Responders Episode 6: Cast Members

The cast also features Kang Ki-doing in the character of Gongmyung Pil, Ji Woo as Bong An-na, Gong Seung-Yeon in the role of Song Seol, Son Ho-jun as Bong Do-jin, and Kim Rae-won as Jin Ho-gae. First Responders was authored by Min Ji Eun and was helmed by Shin Kyung Soo.

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