Buddy Games Filming Location: Where Is The Comedy Movie Filmed?

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buddy games
Buddy Games: Filming Locations [Credits: WWE Studio]

Doesn’t everyone have a ritual with their friends that they follow through, but that gets ruined by jealousy growing over friends? Directed by Josh Duhamel, a comedy film titled “Buddy Games” focuses on a group of friends who often get into a wild assortment of absurd mental and physical challenges in a yearly game they call Buddy Games.

Produced by Josh Duhamel and Jude Wang, the series stars Josh Duhamel plays Bob fathers’ role, Olivia Munn plays Tiffany’s role, James Roday plays Zane Rockwell’s role, Kevin Dillon plays Doc’s role, Dan Bakkedahl plays Shellys’ role, Benders’ fre-nemesis, Sheamus playing Thursty’s role.

Dax Shepard plays Durfy’s role, and Nick Swardson plays Benders’ role, the film’s protagonist, and Jensen Ackles plays Jack Durfy’s role. Viewers failed to understand the films’ humor, with several of them finding it rather offensive than funny. Written by Josh Duhamel and Michael J. Luisi, Buddy Games has a run time of 90 minutes.

buddy games
Shelly Plans His Next Step [Credits: WWE Studio]
Released on February 10, 2019, the film focuses on Bob and his group of friends as they play their yearly buddy games, but everything falls apart in the group after a friend shoots the other in a fit of jealousy.

Viewers felt the film was an acclamation to arrested male adolescents that promotes several middle-aged men living the life of frat boys. Even though Munn had limited screen time, she managed to grasp the attention of the viewers with her brilliant performance.

Some of the viewers felt that the film had a wicked sense of comedy that sometimes did land with the audience. Even though the film failed to land with the viewers’ a series was ordered by CBS inspired by the same. Luke Bryant did the cinematography for the comedy film that had the viewers excited to know where it was filmed.

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Buddy Games Premise

The film focuses on Bob and his friends competing in a series of fun and crazy obstacle games that they called Buddy Games, meant to strengthen their bond. The film starts with yet another season of Buddy Games and Shelly winning the competitions and title for the sixth time in a row.

In the recently won game, Shelly won against Bender in the final round of a paintball competition, which led to the former behaving obnoxiously. At the same time, the celebration took place after the Buddy Games. A drunk Shelly teabags one of his friends who had passed out after having too much to drink.

This leads Bender and Shelly’s wife, Nikki, to make a plan involving shooting Shelly’s scrotum. The duo teasingly continues to make jokes about shooting Shelly’s scrotum for his egotistical behavior after he won the game for a sixth time.

buddy games
Still From Buddy Games [Credits: WWE Studios]
Things turn sour after Bender aims a gun at Shelly’s scrotum in reality but doesn’t pull the trigger; instead, Nikki pulls the trigger, leading to Shelly losing both of his testicles.

Bender takes the blame for Nikki in hopes of helping Shelly’s failing marriage survive. Five years passed since the event of Shelly’s scrotum being shot, and he got admitted to a hospital for having suicidal thoughts after he lost his scrotum and his marriage with Niki failed.

Shelly now resides with his mother, who contacts Bob and asks him to resume Buddy Games to give her son hope to live life to the fullest once again.

Following the request of Shelly’s mom, Bob presents Shelly with the idea of competing in the game again, and Shelly agrees to the friendly competition games with his friends again on the condition that Bob keeps the fact that he lost his testicles a secret and doesn’t invite Bender to the competition, to which Bob agrees.

Bob contacts their mutual friends, who all eagerly agree to become a part of Buddy Games once again. Bob’s girlfriend is pissed after she learns that Bob is going to compete in Buddy Games, and she leaves after a nasty fight between the two. Meanwhile, Bender arrives at Bob’s mansion to participate in the game after finding out about it from a friend.

Bob informs Bender that he would need to pay $10,000 to participate in the game to avoid hurting his feelings. Bob also tells Bender about Shelly losing his testicles in the aftermath of the shooting incident. The group of friends travels to a scheduled cabin to participate in the Buddy Games.

Bender also arrives at the location and announces that he has managed to acquire the required participation fees after seeing her dead mother’s possession. Bender reveals to the group about Shelly losing his testicle and offers his sperm to him if he wants to conceive a child with Nikki, unaware of his marriage failing.

Bob reveals that he intentionally didn’t invite Bender to the games, and in a twist, Bender manipulates the group to let him play in the game, and the winner will walk out with a cash prize. This leads to the friends participating in several obstacle competitions like mini motorcycle races, mud crawls, water slides, etc.

After winning several of the set competitions, Bob, Bender, and Shelly make it to the final round. The trio, with their friends, celebrate reaching the final round with pina coladas that Sheely spiked using Benders; sperms. Meanwhile, a frustrated Durfy wanders in the woods before his friend encourages him not to give up on his dreams.

At the cabin, Shelly kidnaps Bender before destroying his car, and Bender reveals that it was Nikki behind shooting his scrotum. Meanwhile, on the day of the final competition, Tiffany arrives to cheer for her boyfriend.

The Buddy Games ends with Bender winning the last round and Tiffany getting rejected by Bob in favor of his friends after she proposes. The film ends with Bender kidnapping Shelly and surprising him with several prosthetic scrotums she purchased using the prize money.

Filming Location: Vancouver [Crediits: WWE Studio]

Buddy Games Filming Locations

The filming for Buddy Games started in August, with Vancouver as the prime location.

1. Vancouver

Known for its scenic beauty and for being the largest Chinatown in Canada, Vancouver was used for the filming of the Buddy Games, a comedy film. Vancouver is located in the Lower Mainland in British Columbia’s region.

It is one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse cities in Canada. The entire Buddy Games was filmed in different parts of Vancouver.

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