The Winter King Episode 2: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Iain De Caestecker as Arthur Pendragon In The Winter King Episode 2
Iain De Caestecker as Arthur Pendragon In The Winter King Episode 2 (Credit: ITVX)

Gundleus assaults Avalon in The Winter King Episode 2. Meanwhile, an unexpected death shocks Merlin. Thus, he tracks Arthur and insists he come to her in Britain. The Winter King Episode 1 did not stand up to everyone’s expectations. Many people read the book written by Bernard Cornwell’s ‘The Warlord Chronicles’ from their childhood and were excited to see its television adaptation.

The Winter King is the story of a legendary King Arthur, but the main character in the series seems to be Derfel. However, the second episode came closer to the story mentioned in the book. It showed Derfel, his love interest, High King Uther Pendragon, and Arthur and Merlin sharing the screen.

The first episode trickily established the plot and the characters over eight years, and the second episode revealed some shocking twists. However, the series will bring more twists in the upcoming episodes. Otherwise, there will be no meaning to watch them.

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The Winter King Episode 2 Recap

The story of The Winter King Episode 2 is not simple. However, people who watch movies or series related to the kingdoms and legacies will find it familiar. King Uther (played by Eddie Marsan) realizes he will die soon. Thus, he plans to marry his wife, Norwenna, to the King of Siluria, Gundleus (played by Simon Merrells), who will protect King Uther’s son, Mordred, and keep his subjects together.

Bringing Arthur back to Britain is not easy. Merlin tells him about the threats possessed by the Kingdom under Gundleus’ reign. Still, Arthur refuses to get back as he has chosen his path.

Here, the High King, Uther, knows he is getting older. Thus, he appoints three people to protect Mordred. The first is Bishop Bedwin, the second is Owain, and the third is Gundleus. However, none, including him, trusts Gendleus. King Uther makes Queen Morgan promise to protect Mordred while taking his last breath.

Siluria is the rival Kingdom, and Gundleus is too ambitious. He can kill anyone coming between him and his power. He arrives at Avalon to take his new wife, kills Mordred, captures the Kingdom, physically assaults Nimue, and kills several people. Further, Gendleus sets Nimue and Derfel on fire and kills Queen Norwenna after humiliating her.

Simon Merrells as Gundleus In The Winter King
Simon Merrells as Gundleus In The Winter King (Credit: ITVX)

The Winter King Episode 2 Ending Explained

Gendleus sends Bishop Bedwin to inform the Caer Cadarn tribe leaders that their prince, Mordred, has been murdered, and they must surrender to him. He had brought a mysterious woman into the Kingdom, who turned out to be his fiancé. He makes her the new queen of Dummonia.

Nimue and Derfel escape the chaos, even after being put on fire. The duo decides to go where the river takes them. Meanwhile, they get joined by Queen Morgan, a child, and Hywel’s daughter. The twist is that Morgan saved the Kingdom’s bloodline by replacing Mordred with another child.

The new King of Dummonia, Gendleus, realizes that the kids got switched and Mordred is still alive. He finds the group of survivors after sending his men behind them. Arthur arrives with his men to save the people when Gendleus is about to kill them.

Iain De Caestecker as Arthur Pendragon And Nathaniel Martello-White as Merlin In The Winter King Episode 2
Iain De Caestecker as Arthur Pendragon And Nathaniel Martello-White as Merlin In The Winter King Episode 2 (Credit: Simon Ridgway)

The Winter King Episode 2 Review

The second episode had a lot of action, and ‘The Winter King’ violated the taboo, as in any other television series, when Gendleus killed Mordred. An unknown couple lost their child as he got replaced with Mordred. Let us see whether the upcoming episodes reveal more about the dead child and his family.

The second episode showed several deaths and a flow of blood. It explains the harsh reality of the wars that occurred in the fifth century. Only King Uther died and was cremated respectfully.

Gendleus stood up to our expectations by being extremely cruel. The series got its villain, as expected. On the other hand, Arthur, away from his Dummonia, suddenly returned to save his people. But, we do not know how long he has decided to accompany them. Let us see whether his people accept him and vice versa.

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