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Black Clover Chapter 353 Full Summary And Raw Scans: Party In The Land of the Sun!

Black Clover Chapter 353 Full Summary And Raw Scan and spoilers

The full summary and the raw scans for the Black Clover Chapter 353 are out, and the narrative still stays at the land of the sun as the fans see Asta and the Ryuzen seven celebrate the defeat of the paladins and the five-headed dragon. We were hugely expecting to see some new narrative, but celebrations were in order after defeating some major enemies.

Now that we have celebrated and put a close to the chapter of the land of the Sun, there only remains three days for Judgment day, and with knowing the way out of the land of the sun as of now, Asta is going to train some more with the Ryuzen seven getting more stronger. This training won’t be like the previous one; thus, from the next chapter, we are highly expecting to see a new narrative featuring the other characters of the series.

However, there is still time for that as the new chapter of Black Clover will be released, followed by a break in the 16th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Given that we have the full content of the Black Clover Chapter 353, why not speak the details of it and see what did the chapter bring us? With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Black Clover manga series.

Black Clover Chapter 353 Full Summary and Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 353 is titled “The Party’s at its peak,” and the chapter continues with the sky being cleared thanks to Asta’s attack on the five-head dragon. The people of the nation are happy to see a clear sky, and Ryu even notes that he wants the people of the nation to have a clear sky, and he even thanks Asta for it.

Asta notes that one of the Paladins is a former enemy that was supposed to be dead, but Lucius’ powers had brought him back. Ryu also notes that Lucius’ power is able to do so, but thanks to Sister Lily’s intel it is, Lucuis’ power isn’t perfected, and when it does, it could bring the grand master wizards from the dead under his control.

Asta asks if there is really no way he could get back to the Clover Kingdom right now, and Ryu says that it is true; however, his friends are on their way to get him back, and they must wait for him until then. Asta is confident that his friend will find him, and until then, he can prepare for the battle; however, Ryu notes that celebrations are in order.

Party’s At Its Peak

Thus, Black Clover Chapter 353 sees the land of the Sun celebrating the five-headed dragon’s defeat, with everyone from the nation indulging in it. One of the citizens says that the scale of the dragon is very strong, which could be sold for a high price, and its meat could be edible if cooked with proper ingredients.

While speaking with Ichika, Ryu says that he hopes that Asta will be remembered throughout the nation as much as they have been for this event. Ichika remembers that she was the one who had wiped her clan and expresses that to Ryu, but the latter says nothing.

Black Clover Chapter 353 Full Summary And Raw Scans And Spoilers

Asta had alcohol for the first and is excitedly expressing how he is feeling at the moment. Ichika approaches the drunk Asta, offering to pour for him, and apologizes for the way she has been, but drunk Asta never minds and even says gibberish things making Ichika leave.

After drinking and partying with the Ryuzen seven members, Asta feels very sick, and Daezomon offers that they should go take a bath in the hot springs to sober up. Asta rushes inside the hot spring and jumps in it without realizing that Ichika is already inside it. 

He is scared to see her and sobers up quickly and runs out of the inn, thinking that she is going to kill him as Daezomon notes that it was the women’s turn in the bath today. The next morning Asta wakes up all prepared to train and is greeted by Ichika, and he apologizes for the last night. 

Ichika replies by saying that he will have take responsibility for it as the Ryuzen seven members come out ready to train with Asta until the judgment day.

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