Cheryl From Tiktok Net Worth: How Much Does The Tiktok Influencer Earn?

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Cheryl From Tiktok Net Worth

How much do older citizens earn on Tik-Tok? Let’s dig deep into this by looking at Cheryl From Tiktok Net Worth. Cheryl is known as queen Cheryl in the Tik-Tok circle. The lady is popular these days for sustaining a marriage with a 37 years younger individual. The followers on her social media channels can not stop mentioning the unethical courtship of the couple.

Moreover, the biggest news is that the couple with 37 years age gap is expecting their first baby together. The Tik-Tok handle of this star is Cheryl 6060. The genre that this artist follows is dance trends, comedy, and viral challenges. The couple is taking over social media these days, and this has led them to earn a fortune.  Do you want to know how much this 62-year star earns? Well, scroll down to see Cheryl From Tiktok Net Worth.

Who is Cheryl?

Queen Cheryl is the stage name of Cheryl McGregor, who is a 62-year-old woman living in Rome, Georgia. Moreover, she is the mother of seven kids and was born with an eating disorder. Currently, she is known for her young partner, Quran. She has about 2.6 million fans who follow her from all corners of the world. Cheryl earns most of her profit from paid content, paid promotions, and affiliate marketing. Moreover, Cheryl has also referred to having a few mental health problems, like anxiety, panic attacks, and nightmares. She calls herself a survivor.

Cheryl From Tiktok
Cheryl From Tiktok

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Who is Cheryl’s Husband?

Cheryl is married to Quran, who is a 24-year individual. The couple has an age gap of 37 years, which is one of the rarest to see. In spite of this tremendous age difference, the couple never let it harm their bond. They are, in fact, planning to raise a child together by surrogacy. The couple first got in touch when Quran was 15, but later on, they went on a break. But, we know no one can let the lovers fall apart. In the same way, a few years old, the couple met, and their conversations reached the next level. Moreover, the couple has given a green flag to their physical intimacy in spite of their age difference. In one of the interviews, Cheryl mentioned that the Quran is the most sensitive, compassionate, and an emotional man she has ever met. The couple is happy together. Who cares about the age gap, it’s all about the vibes.

Cheryl From Tiktok Net Worth
Cheryl From Tiktok

Who was Cheryl’s Ex?

Before meeting Quran, Cheryl was married to Cali. She has mentioned this multiple times that the relationship was toxic, and she felt like killing herself. The family life of Cheryl wants that beautiful either. She was psychologically and physically assaulted by her parents. In a video, she also told her fans that as a youngster, she was raped and bullied. Her life hasn’t always been this beautiful and easy. In fact, she once fled California to save the lives of her children.

Cheryl From Tiktok Net Worth

Cheryl’s current annual income as a TikTok star is $100,000. Cheryl is more than happy with the earnings and is living a Lavish life. Do follow Cheryl and Quran to look at their beautiful love story.

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