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Imouto ga Oshi sugiru! Chapter 13: Release Date, Spoilers & Where to Read

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!
Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!

“Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!” is a wholesome manga, gaining popularity steadily after its release in 2022. Although only 12 chapters have been published yet, it has managed to gain fans all over the world. In this article, we will talk about the release of the next chapter of the manga, a recap of the previous chapter, and where you can read it. “Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!” is a slice-of-life and comedy manga written and illustrated by Inaba Shiro.

The manga has a cute and adorable art style, which is appealing to the eyes of the readers. The manga showcases the wholesome yet complex relationship between a brother and a sister in a comedic yet adorable way. The story of the manga follows two siblings – Shirabe Yamada and Minoru.

When they were younger, Shirabe would encourage Minoru to become a mangaka and pursue his passion for drawing. As they grew up, things began to change. Now a high school student and a streamer, Shirabe can bearly tolerate the sight of her brother anymore.

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!

Minoru, who is in university now, also continues to be an amateur mangaka. Scared of his sister’s disdain, Minoru does his best to keep his work a secret from Shirabe. Minoru is devastated when his publisher cancels his manga, and his plans unravel when Shirabe accidentally discovers his studio in his room.

She is shocked to find that Minoru is actually the mangaka “Aoi Ringo”. Shirabe confesses to Minoru that she is actually a die-hard fan of “Aoi Ringo” and looks up to “Aoi sensei” a lot. From there on, Shirabe and Minoru set forth on a mission to do everything in their power to revive the manga and keep it running.

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!: Chapter 12 Recap

Previously in the manga, Shirabe is glad to see that Minoru is back to his old self again. Minoru feels glad that he has reconnected with his sister again as well. Both of them sit down for a cup of coffee to discuss the future of “Aoi-sensei’s” manga. Minoru says that he is clueless about how to self-publish a web novel online and what steps he needs to take.

Shirabe jumps to his rescue and asks him to let her handle the uploading and publishing. They both look at the views that Minoru got for the last chapter he published, and they both realize that the views need to go up. Shirabe comes up with a plan and tells Minoru that if he wants the views on his manga to go up, he would need to apply an “after-shock” factor to his chapters.

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!

Minoru jumps to work on his rough draft, pulling an all-nighter for five days to complete the chapter on time. Just as they reach closer to the deadline, he tells Minoru that he is almost done with flat coloring, but the screen toning still needs to be done. Minoru calls Kina to come to help him with screen-toning his manga. 

Kina agrees to do it and says that it would be an easy feat for her to do it digitally. She quickly whips up a panel and proceeds to screentone it on her phone. Minoru thanks Kina and tells her that he will do the inking, so she would have to handle the rest. Everyone gets to work on their part quickly, hoping to meet the deadline.

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!: Chapter 13 Release Date

The chapters for “Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!” are updated irregularly. Therefore it is hard to predict an accurate date for the release of chapter 13. We have estimated that chapter 13 of “Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!” will be released on Saturday, 15 April 2023, at 12:00 AM JST.  

  • India (IST): 8:30 PM on Friday, 14 April 2023
  • Japan (JST): 12:00 AM on Saturday, 15 April 2023
  • Korea (KST): 12:00 AM on Saturday, 15 April 2023
  • USA (EST): 10:00 AM, Friday, 14 April 2023
  • UK (GMT): 3:00 PM on Friday, 14 April 2023
  • Philippines (PHT): 11:00 PM on Friday, 14 April 2023
  • Australia (AEST): 1:00 AM on Saturday, 15 April 2023

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!: Chapter 13 Spoilers

No spoilers have been released for chapter 13 of “Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!.” We can expect the spoilers to be released a few hours before the chapter is published. The estimated date for the spoilers to come out is 14 April 2023. The spoilers are circulated on platforms like Reddit, 4chan, and Twitter.

Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!: Where to Read?

“Imouto ga Oshi Sugiru!” was published by Fujimi Shobo and serialized in the magazine Dragon Age. Readers can purchase the manga online on platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. If you like this manga, you can try reading other similar manga like Yumeochi: Dreaming of Falling For You. Kanojo, Okarishimasu is another romantic-comedy manga that you may like.

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