The Medical Guru Chapter 1322: Release Date, Spoilers and Where To Read

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The Medical Guru
The Medical Guru Credits: TapReads

Chapter 1322 of The Medical Guru will be available soon for reading. This web novel is known for its realistic features blended with a good story, interesting developments, and romance.

The main aspect of it, the medical part, is quite detailed, and the last chapter showed the scandals pharmaceutical companies could get into and how they avoid responsibility by using the internet as a tool for their hypocrisy and callous attitude. 

The story of The Medical Guru showed Fang Qui, the youngest guru of the martial arts who was also a perfectionist with great potential and overflowing talent. He was a mysterious man who became a miracle doctor thanks to his outstanding cultivation abilities. 

However, the story is set in a way that shows him as an ordinary university-going student who was learning about Chinese medicine and diagnosing patients. He became quite popular thanks to his skills and looks.

However, his life was not always as rosy and perfect as had been portrayed. His life was made stressful due to the dominating acts of the School President, Li Qingshi. The story shows how the protagonist keeps moving forward in a world rigged with power and corruption. 

The Medical Guru Chapter 1321: Recap

Chapter 1321 of The Medical Guru begins with the news that there was a mole who had exposed the working system of Qiming Pharmaceutical Company. The news spread like wildfire and soon consumed the entire public platform and media. The netizens obviously looked at the latest news and started expressing different opinions. 

They were confused and did not know what was going on or how bad the extent of the situation had been. Since it was an internal problem, the mole must be found out and dealt with singularly, echoed some people, while some suggested that this solution was devised to ease the crisis. The quest for truth had been initiated. 

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Meanwhile, the Qiming Pharmaceutical Company posted that they had filed an official police report to identify the culprit. If it were an outsider, they would penalize them heavily, but if it were someone from within, they would bear full responsibility.

Fang Qui had promised to pay the four patients four million Huaxia coins and promised to compensate any patient who was given inferior medicine. The netizens were sure that the work was done by someone to undermine the Company. There was nothing wrong with the Company.

Meanwhile, in Beijing, in the office at the cultivation base, Fang Qui grew annoyed by the hypocrisy. First, they messed with him, and second, they drove him crazy, and now they started imitating his way of handling public relations. 

Taking out his phone, he found He Xue’s WeChat ID and sent a message telling them to initiate the second round. In a couple of minutes, a new post was posted that exposed Qiming Pharmaceutical Company. According to the post, the recent investigation by the police showed that Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company was one of the parties involved in the scandal. 

The Medical Guru
The Medical Guru (Credits: Bu Xing Tian Xia)

As a result, Qiming Pharmaceutical Company broke ties with and filed a criminal charge against it. The netizens were furious after seeing it because some still purchased medicine from them. In Fang Qui’s account, evidence was shown of Huizhong’s involvement. It seemed that Qiming and Huizhong had joined forces to frame his Foundation. 

The boss of Huizhong Pharmaceutical Company was desperate and called for help in the WeChat group of Pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Luo, the President of the Qiming Pharmaceutical Company, burst out laughing after seeing his plea and told him to suffer with him now that the news was out. Mr. Luo was the first person who was able to stabilize the situation.

The situation became so serious that netizens started investigating it themselves. Huizhong, having been exposed, posted an apology for the scandal. They did the same thing as Qiming Pharmaceuticals and placed all employees under supervision to find out who the culprit was. 

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The paid Internet Trolls also tried to diffuse the situation. This irritated Zhou Xiaotian and a bunch of other people who called them cowards who could not even own up to their actions. 

Meanwhile, in the WeChat group, another crisis had been avoided an dealt with thanks to Mr. Li’s solution. Having been used as cannon fodder, he asked the other companies for compensation. 

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The Medical Guru Chapter 1322: Release Date

Chapter 1322 of The Medical Guru will be released on the 1st of May, 2023. The last update was done a month ago, so we are predicting that the next chapter will drop in May 2023. Unfortunately, we do not have an international schedule for the timings, so we cannot say at what time the next chapter of the web novel might drop. 

The Medical Guru Chapter 1322: Spoilers

The crisis had been averted thanks to the shallow acts of the bosses of the Pharmaceutical Company. The next chapter might show how Fang Qui and his roommates will destroy these cowards who did not own up to their actions. The next chapter will also show the conversations between the heads of the pharmaceutical companies who will have to compensate Qiming and Huizhong Pharmaceuticals because they took the whole hit for them. 

The Medical Guru Chapter 1322: Where To Read?

The Medical Guru web novel is available on the Webnovel App. You can also access the web novel in the TapReads App. However, only the first sixty-nine chapters are free, after which you will need to purchase to read it. 

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