Raincoat Movie Ending Explained: What Happens With The Love Story?

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Raincoat (Credits: Shree Venkatesh Films)

Let’s know about the Raincoat Movie Ending Explained. Ajay Devgn and Aishwarya Rai feature in the Rituparno Ghosh-helmed drama Raincoat from 2004. Two lovers who were split apart by fate but eventually reunited are the story’s subject.

Each can comprehend the reality of the lives they are leading thanks to this interaction. It is a reimagining of Manoj Basu’s short story Protihingsha. Manoj (Ajay Devgan) is a Bhagalpur resident who is a poor country boy who has lost his job and decided to launch his own business.

He travels to the city to check if he can arrange some money. He lodges with two friends there named Alok and Sheela (Mouli Ganguly), who are incredibly supportive in his frantic search for money. He makes some calls and has a letter written by Alok that he will send to his former classmates.

The letter describes Manoj’s situation and begs for any donations. Alok is instructed to disregard the letter by Manoj, who then expresses his shame and promises to personally solicit money the next day.

The following morning, Alok discusses his career. As a producer for TV series, he has amassed a sizable fortune. He also eats Herbalife at breakfast as part of his diet. When Manoj inquires about an address that he intends to visit while hunting for money that day, Alok reveals that it belongs to a woman whom Manoj was originally going to marry but instead married another person.

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Raincoat Movie Ending Explained

The film’s director and writer, Rituporno Ghosh, never empathizes with his two protagonists; instead, he simply lets them be. And if that means their story won’t have a nice ending, so be it. Neither the boy wants the girl nor does the girl want to flee with him.

Still From Raincoat (Credits: Shree Venkatesh Films)

Manoj leaves Neeru’s house without leaving a trace, and it is done specifically to avoid giving the two characters any unintentional compassion. These thoughtful details are what will move you throughout the novel, especially the climax, which will leave you wanting to know more about Manoj and Neeru and their future and feeling empty.

Will Manoj return to claim Neeru, or will he be content to pay off the debt her family owes? We might never know the answers to the questions above, but one specific scene might offer some guidance.

Who will unlock the airplane bathroom door, wonders Neeru. and Manoj replies, “I will.” Manoj may have stated so merely out of sympathy, but it also makes it plain that his ultimate objective is to free Neeru. Additionally, Manoj hasn’t gotten hitched even six years after Neeru’s wedding, indicates that he still hasn’t given up on the idea of living with Neeru.

A narrative with many intricacies and subtleties is “Raincoat.” The various facades we put on to conceal who we are, however, is the theme of the movie that is the most recurrent and obvious.

Still From Raincoat (Credits: Shree Venkatesh Films)

The fact that we put on facades to express and conceal our love is curiously funny. And occasionally, we put on a front while dealing with situations that, deep down, we really want to face but would rather avoid. Naturally, Neeru feels deeply ashamed of the circumstances of her life and doesn’t want Manoj to know about it.

She tries to reawaken and occasionally even disputes Manoj’s love for her in the movie since, deep down, she still harbors feelings for him. Similar to Manoj, whose facade of well-being is shown to fall apart when he learns about Neeru’s true condition, he continues to maintain it in front of her only to prevent her facade from falling off, which would have been extremely embarrassing for her.

Ultimately, ‘Raincoat’ conveys more about love and human nature than most romantic movies you may have ever seen. It teaches us that giving up on love is challenging. But dealing with the anguish that follows is much more challenging.

Overall, “Raincoat” is unquestionably among the best love stories ever produced in India. There are no better or more authentic love stories than this one.

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