Eminem’s Dating History: The Rapper’s Relationships So Far

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Eminem’s Dating History
All about Eminem’s Dating History (Credits: The Sun)

Want to know about Eminem’s Dating History? The rapper has once opened up about his dating life while admitting that he has been struggling a bit and has not found anyone serious enough to make it official. Eminem further added how it is tough and how since his divorce, he has had a few dates, but nothing has panned out in a way that he wanted to make public.

Eminem pointed out how that dating is not where he has been lately. The Not Afraid hitmaker admitted that he used Tinder to meet women. The rapper became candid while admitting how it has been hard for him to open up to women as he has trust issues. Not only that, but Eminem admitted that he had been on a few dates since his divorce, but nothing panned out in a way that he would want to make public. Let us know all about Eminem’s Dating History

What Is Eminem’s Dating History?

Kimberly Scott: She and the rapper began dating when they were teenagers and had one daughter together. The pair got hitched in 1999 but divorced after two years. They rekindled their romance years later and remarried, only to divorce again after a few months. The divorce was followed by a messy aftermath, along with a problematic music video! 

Eminem’s Dating History
All about Eminem’s Dating History (Credits: Goalcast)

In 2000, Eminem went on to release a song called “Kim,” which had somewhat of a problematic moment where Eminem seemingly imagines to kill her. The artist later clarified that the lyrics should not be taken to heart. However, later Scott admitted in an interview that the embarrassment was almost impossible to swallow, and it was tough for her to hear the track.

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Gina LynnEminem shot the music video for his song “Superman” in 2003 alongside adult entertainment star Gina Lynn. Entertainment Weekly revealed that Eminem saw Lynn when she had a bit part in “Analyze That” and decided to cast her in the video.

At the beginning of the video, Lynn and Eminem are filmed interacting in a hallway before he brings her into his hotel room, but the rapper promptly kicks Lynn out only moments after inviting her in. Throughout the video, the pair engage in behavior that many viewers might find rough, but it seems they ended things on a relatively positive note.

Eminem’s Dating History
Eminem and Rihanna (Credits: YouTube)

Mariah Carey: Eminem was reportedly dating the singing sensation for a brief period. Eminem made a few cryptic messages in his 2009 track, Bagpipes from Baghdad, where he seemed to talk about his alleged partner, Mariah Carey. The rumors just got messier with time after Carey responded without a track named Obsessed. However, the rapper soon responded by saying that he had enough evidence about the two dating.

Brittany Murphy: In 2002, the “Stan” star starred in the film 8 Mile, where he was paired alongside Brittany Murphy. While the pair’s impeccable chemistry did not go unnoticed, the romance soon be pale a real-life one! In an era arey interview, Murphy was asked about some of the behind-the-scenes romances with the pop star, and she admitted that the two due dates in real life for a short period.

Eminem’s Dating History
Eminem’s Dating History (Credits: People)

Nicki Minaj: Nicki Minaj and Eminem earlier worked together and even joined forces on the song, ‘Roman’s Revenge’ back in 2010. As the musical figures have known each other for a long time, it made fans wonder whether the two had been dating. It seemed the fans’ wishes came true in 2018.

These rumors were further fuelled after a fan asked about the rumored romance, and the Anaconda hitmaker gave a rather cryptic answer! However, contrary to ongoing rumors, the two have been just good friends, and Nicki Minaj had also joked about the rumor when asked about it, saying that they were planning to hide the news until marriage. 

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