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Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide
Our Blooming Youth Poster (Source: TvN)

Our Blooming Youth is a historical drama by the TvN network. It will be releasing a new episode soon. We will talk about the episode’s date of release, recap and streaming guide to help drama fans to enjoy the series Our Blooming Youth.

Our Blooming Youth is an action, thriller and romance drama set up in the Joseon era of Korea. The story is about a cursed Crown Prince with some dark secrets. The minister’s daughter was falsely accused and chased by soldiers. These two people are fated to meet and solve all the mysteries by investigation. While helping and understanding each other, they fall in love.

Park Hyung Sik as Crown Prince and Jeon So Nee as Min Jae Yi are the main character of the series. Fans are in love with the development of the story with every episode. They are engrossed in the series and eagerly wait for new episodes.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Synopsis 

Crown Prince Lee Hwan is said to have been cursed by a ghost, according to palace gossip. Many strange things are happening around him. He has a dark secret that no one knows about it. He has many unknown enemies who are planning to dethrone him. His teacher Minister Min and his family are dead by poison. However, their only daughter, Min Jae Yi, is still alive and is accused of murdering her family. She was engaged to Sergeant Han Sung On, a close friend of Lee Hwan.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Our Blooming Youth (Source: TvN)

Min Jae Yi is hiding from soldiers. To find out the truth behind the murder, she disguises herself as a man. Before the death, her father had received a secret letter from Prince. She wants to visit Prince Lee Hwan and beg to prove her innocence. But Hwan doesn’t trust her words and keeps her close to test her. Han Sung On learns a connection to his father while looking into the case, which surprises him.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Recap

Previously on Our Blooming Youth, Lee Hwanhas has given a second challenge to Min Jae Yi. It is to discover more about the late Lee Ryu, the messenger sent to her home by Lee Hwan. While investigating the death case of the messenger with Kim Myung Jin, Jae Yi discovers new information. The case has some link to Lee Hwan’s dark secret.

The final test of Jae Yi is to investigate the serial murder taking place in the city. She couldn’t ignore the unexpected encounter with her fiancé Hang Sung On. Min Jae Yi proves her skills by catching the culprit of the incident. After winning Lee Hwan’s trust, he is ready to help Jae Yi disclose the whole truth about the tragic death of her family. A new murder occurs, leading to confusion among Hwan, Jae Yi, and Sung On. 

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Our Blooming Youth Episode Still (Source: TvN)

Prince Lee Hwan is again suspicious of Min Jae Yi and forcefully kicks her out of his palace. Sung Oh is doubtful of Lee Hwan because he is also interested in the poison case and Min Jae Yi. Hwan is heartbroken and lonely without Jae Yi after she leaves the palace. Nowhere else to go, Jae Yi was hiding somewhere inside the palace area, but Hwan tracks her down again.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Release date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Our Blooming Youth Episode Still (Source: TvN)

There is an annual polo competition between the Army and the royal guards. Prince Hwan and Sergent Sung On meet in the final round and end in a fierce fight. Hwan wins the match, and Sung Oh is content to lose, proving his devotion to Prince. Meanwhile, the disclosure of some secrets is causing chaos for everyone. People are very disruptive and full of anxious energy in the city of the palace.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Release Date & Time

Our Blooming Youth will release Episode 9 on March 6, 2023. In Korea, new episodes are aired every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 pm KST. Our Blooming Youth series has planned to have 20 episodes in total. K-drama fans, check the list below to keep track of the time in advance for watching the episodes of Our Blooming Youth.

  • Japan Standard Time: 8:50 pm (March 6, 2023)
  • Indian Standard time: 5:20 pm (March 6, 2023)
  • Eastern Standard Time: 6:50 am (March 6, 2023)
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 11:50 am (March 6, 2023)
  • Central Standard Time: 5:50 am (March 6, 2023)
  • China Standard Time: 7:50 pm (March 6, 2023)
  • Pacific Standard Time: 3:50 am (March 6, 2023)

Our Blooming Youth Episode 9: Streaming Guide

In Korea, viewers can watch Our Blooming Youth through the TvN network Channel. The series is also available on platforms like TvN, Viki and Prime Video. These are paid services that allow you to gain access to all of the benefits and exclusive content. Fans can subscribe to the TvN drama youtube channel to enjoy the episode clips, interviews and all updates related to Our Blooming Youth.

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