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Innocent Lies 2022 Episode 3 Release Date: The New Thai Drama

Innocent Lies
Innocent Lies

Innocent Lies, a Thai drama, centers on Wimala, Gun, and his ex-wife as they navigate love and career. Today we will talk about Innocent Lies 2022 Episode 3 Release Date: The New Thai Drama. With only two episodes, this drama has been trending since its debut episode. The way it delivers, the cast, and their amazing acting skills are what’s drawing the fans towards itself like the opposite poles of a magnet. If you didn’t understand this, you probably need to focus on your studies more. Just kidding, though.

Gun, who ran a posh hotel, is Parin’s best friend. After Gun agrees to sell Parin some of the stock in his hotel, they start working together. Gun is a married man, but his union is troubled, and both he and his wife are in the process of divorcing. It’s challenging because his wife is adamant about obtaining ownership of the “Twilight Resort” through to the terms of their divorce settlement. Gun, however, is the subject of some damning evidence that could end up costing her the case. When his wife learns about the proofs, she makes the decision to hire Wimala to kidnap Gun for the proof.

Wimala first objects to performing such a filthy deed, but Gun’s wife persuades her after displaying to Wimala the wounds and marks that Gun’s abusive bondage games and treatment have left on her body. Wimala accepts this work because she notices the bruise and because she requires the cash for her mother’s medical expenses. Wimala is very certain that Gun is an aggressive and wicked guy.

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Innocent Lies 2022 Episodic Review

It all began when Gun and Parin, his best buddy, decided to form a business partnership for a luxury hotel after offering to purchase and sell shares. From the agreement, Gun sold Parin a portion of his hotel ownership. Gun’s company will expand, he is accomplished in his job but not at home, and while he is married, he will soon get a divorce from his wife. Gun, meantime, cannot simply and lightly accept Sitri Gun’s divorce from him. At their divorce hearing, she claimed that “Twilight Resort,” one of her husband’s hotels, was in the process of splitting up the property.

Innocent Lies

Innocent Lies

Gun gathered some damaging material in the divorce settlement and blocked the ambitions of his ex-wife since he felt lost and decided to do something about it. Ompreeya Gun’s wife devised a brilliant plan to help him, and the two showed each other to be right. In exchange for an incredible sum of money, he requests that Wimala steal proof from Gun. Naturally, Wimala declined Ompreeya’s request because he didn’t want to meddle in their personal matters. However, Ompreeya managed to convince Wimala with all of his persuasive might to assist him.

In order to persuade Wimala that she had been tormented by Gun, Ornpreeya plays the victim in this situation by displaying a number of injuries on her body. Ornpreeya’s condition was too painful for Wimala to tolerate, but he also needed cash for his mother’s medical care due to his humanitarian nature. With full knowledge that Gun is a violent man and that his wife, Ormpreeya, is a victim of domestic abuse, Wimala enters Gun’s domestic dispute to start the new drama.

Innocent Lies 2022 Episode 3 Release Date 

Episode 3 of the new Thai drama titled Innocent Lies will release on the official streaming partner and would be made available for viewers worldwide on Monday that is 22 August 2022.

Innocent Lies 2022 Streaming Details 

You can stream all the previous and new episodes of this drama right after their release on the official streaming partner, which is Bilibili.

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