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Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date: Sister Lily vs Asta?

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If you love magic and fantasy anime, then you must have heard about Black Clover. Many of you are even following the storyline, and this proves how vast the Black Clover community is. The story is not only entertaining but also motivates billions of people who think that they can’t achieve anything in their life due to odd reasons. This is the reason why Black Clover is going strong with 300+ chapters. Recently, we saw a huge twist in the storyline, and this really shook the whole fandom. We will talk about this in a later section though however, chapter 334 of Black Clover put something unusual in front of fans which is quite blizzard and created confusion among fans. 

As the hype and confusion both started to expand exponentially, we have decided to cover everything you need to know regarding Black Clover chapter 335. We will talk about its release date, spoilers, and lastly, where we can read it legally. This article is enough to make you fully updated related to Black Clover. All you have to do is to read this article till the end.

Black Clover is a Japanese manga-based anime based on the concept of magic and fantasy. The story is based on Asta and Yuno, two young guys who dream of becoming Wizard king someday. But, Asta, the major protagonist of the series born without magic in a world where magic is everything, whereas Yuno is exceptionally smart and born as a powerful magic user. Despite this, Asta never looked back, and he somehow toes to toe with Yuno with the help of his unbreakable will. The series also has well-written other characters that leave a good impact on the series, like Yami, Noelle, etc.

Black Clover Chapter 334 Review:

Chapter 334 titled, ‘Fragile Souls’ was one of the most anticipated and surprising chapters of Black Clover as of now as we get to see so many unexpected things in the chapter itself. We saw the great battle between Asta and Lucious. Asta turned into his demon form, and it felt that Asta’s anti-magic was the only power that could counter time magic. Even Narrator confirmed this scenario. The biggest surprise of the chapter was when Sister Lily was turned into a demon by Lucious and now, she is all set to kill Asta. She even asks Asta to die for the world’s sake, and Asta was frozen, and his mind was almost numb. In the whole chapter, we see Asta on edge, and we desperately want him to come up with even an ultimate move to counter Lucious’s unavoidable attacks. Lucious is highly pissed by Asta’s existence, and he can do anything to annihilate him from this world.

Black Clover Chapter 334 Full Summary - Asta

Asta from Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date & Expectations:

Black Clover Chapter 335 is all set to release on 28 August 2022. The manga chapter can be accessed at 8 AM PST, 11 AM EST, 4 PM BST, etc. If you are a fan of India, you can enjoy the chapter at 8:30 PM IST. The next chapter will show more about sister Lily and Asta’s reaction after seeing her like this. It will be hard to predict the spoilers as of now but we will update this article once there will be any major update regarding Black Clover manga chapters. Make sure to bookmark this article for future reference.

Black Clover Chapter 334 - Sister Lily

Sister Lily

Read Black Clover Online:

All the chapters of Black Clover can be read online at Viz’s official website or the shonen jump official app. You can read the latest chapters free of cost however you need to purchase the membership to enjoy all the chapters of the series. The subscription is quite affordable and a great way to support the hard work of the manga creator and officials.

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