How To Watch High Priest Rembrary (The Heavenly Idol) Episodes? Streaming Guide

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High Priest Rembrary (The Heavenly Idol)

Idol – actor Kim Min Kyu is back with a brand-new Korean drama – High Priest Rembrary. After gaining immense popularity after playing the character of Cha Sung Hoon in Business Proposal, Min Kyu is back! And this time, as a main lead of the series.

Korean Dramas have become unstoppable when it comes to intriguing content. As we all know how K-dramas have become a significant part of the entertainment industry around the world. The reasons behind their massive success are immersive narrative styles, lavish sets, high-quality production, original soundtracks (OSTs), and unique representation of their culture and traditions. K-dramas touch upon different genres and storylines, yet it is different from all other film industries.

K-dramas are known for their gorgeous-looking casts and their phenomenal acting styles. Apart from actors, Korean dramas also cast K-pop idols to gain more reach and popularity. K-dramas are also gaining popularity for their emotional contents – be they simple or complex emotions – attracting audiences like bees around a honeycomb.

The latest K-drama, High Priest Rembrary, also casts an Idol actor as the main lead. High Priest Rembrary, also known as “The Heavenly Idol,” is a comedy-fantasy drama based on the popular webtoon “Holy Idol.” The directors of the K-drama are Park So Yeon and Lee So Yoon.

Rembrary and Kim Dal
A Still from High Priest Rembrary

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What is High Priest Rembrary About?

The story of High Priest Rembrary revolves around the character, Rembrary, who is a high priest. Rembrary reveres a god who unites the mortal world with the afterlife. However, a peculiar chain of events sends Rembrary to modern South Korea, where he exchanges “souls” with a K-pop artist named Woo Yeon Woo. Woo Yeon Woo is the ‘visual center’ of an unsuccessful K-pop band called Wild Animal. Rembrary does not know the contemporary culture, especially K-pop. As a result, it becomes difficult for him to adapt to his surroundings, which also includes acting, dancing, and performing live in front of a huge crowd.

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Rembrary as Yeon Woo creates chaos where his career is at stake. Amidst the chaos, his biggest fan, Kim Dal, steps in as the new manager of Wild Animal to save Yeon Woo’s career. As the story unfolds, it soon becomes clear that Rembrary is not the only individual who has transitioned from the other world. More people have followed him here to create chaos.

High Priest Rembrary: Rembrary as Woo Yeon Woo

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Who Are The Casts High Priest Rembrary?

High Priest Rembrary has a talented set of casts. The protagonists are Kim Min Kyu, Bo Gyeol, and Lee Jang Woo.

Kim Min Kyu as Rembrary

Kim Min Kyu is a K-pop idol as well as an actor. He gained recognition for his first lead role in Queen: Love and War. Recently, he gained a lot of praise for the series Business Proposal, for which he was awarded the Excellent Acting Award in the Miniseries, Comedy, and Romance category.

Kim Min Kyu as Rembrary

Bo Gyeol as Kim Dal

The 34-year-old actress made her drama debut in Angel’s Revenge. Some of her popular works include Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Queen for Seven Days, and Confession Couple.

Kim Dal
Bo Gyeol as Kim Dal

Lee Jang Woo as Shin Jo Woon

Lee Jang Woo plays the role of Shin Jo Woon in the series. Some of his works include Glory Jane, I Do, I Do, My Only One, and Homemade Love.

Shin Jo Woon
Lee Jang Woo as Shin Jo Woon

What Time Will The New Episodes of High Priest Rembrary Release?

High Priest Rembrary premieres on February 15, 2023. New episodes will be released every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 P.M (KST). There will be a total of 12 episodes. The airing time of each episode is approximately around 60 to 80 minutes. For the international audience, the time of airing are as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time: 7:00 pm
  • Thailand Standard Time: 8:30 pm
  • Philippines Standard Time: 9:30 pm
  • British Standard Time: 2:30 pm
  • Australian Standard Time: 12:30 am (Next day).
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How To Watch High Priest Rembrary Episodes?

All the episodes of High Priest Rembrary will be released on the popular Korean channel, tvN. The episodes will also be available to stream online on Viu App and Rakuten Viki in some regions. 

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