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The Land Girls Filming Locations: Where The Movie Was Filmed?

The Land girls

The Land Girls filming locations are brimmed with small towns of England such as Dulverton, Somerset, and so on. If you are curious about the filming locations of The Land Girls, then you have landed on the right page. This write-up will not disappoint you if you are in search of locations to add to your bucket list.

And if you have already watched the movie, The Land Girls, we do not need to tell you how the filming locations are no less than a sight to sore eyes. Helmed by David Leland, The Land Girls is bankrolled under the banner of Greenpoint Films, Arena Films, Channel Four Films, and so on. Stick to the end to know in what locations the movie The Land Girls was shot.

The Land Girls Synopsis

If you are one who hasn’t watched the movie and still is interested in knowing the filming locations of the movie, don’t fret. We have got you covered. So before discussing The Land Girls filming locations, let us talk about what the movie’s plot revolves around. In order to understand that, let us take you back to the era of World War 1 &2. It is the time of the World War era; the British Army sets up a team of women who is responsible for farming in the absence of men. This is because most of the men were indulged in war, so the British Army constituted the Women’s Land Army, later known as ‘the land girls’. The plot revolves around the three central characters of the movie, Ag ( played by Agapanthus), Prue (played by Anna Friel), and Stella (portrayed by Catherine McCormack).

The Land Girls Filming Locations:

Dulverton, Somreset, England, UK 

Folks, if you think that The Land Girls is the only movie filmed in this little town of Somerset, then you might be mistaken. Dulverton, a town located near the borders of Devon, has welcomed several film crews for the shooting. For instance, besides, The Land Girls, Shoestring (released in 1980), Alone (released in 2010), and The Halfway House (released in 1944) are movies filmed in Dulverton, UK, England.

Dulverton the land girls filming locations

Crowcombe Heathfield Station, West Somerset Railway Station, England

Set almost 3.2 km away from the village of Crowcombe is the railway station, Crowcombe Heathfield. Crowcombe Railway Station tops the list of filmmakers when it comes to filming locations. Besides The Land Girls, the Crowcombe has been a home to several films such as The Flockton Flyer (released in 1977),  The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (released in 1988), and  A Hard’s Day Night (released in 1964).

Crowcombe railway station the land girls


Hertfordshire, England, UK

You would be taken aback if we say that the town located in London, Hertfordshire is the home to hordes of blockbuster movies such as the Sherlock Holmes franchise, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, and many more.

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Earling Studios, Earling, London, England, UK 

Last but not least is the Earling Studios located in England. Well, if you think that the whole movie was shot in an outdoor location, then you might be mistaken. Touted as the oldest studio in the world is the last filming location of The Land girls on our list.  Since it is one of the oldest studios in film history, then the movie from the 1930s era has been shot in this studio located in London, UK. For instance, Birds of Prey (released in 1930), Looking On The Bright Side (1932), and many more.

earling studios the land girls

So, this was the scoop on The Land Girls filming locations. Stay tuned as more is coming your way.

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