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Are Tyga And Avril Lavigne Dating? Mod Sun’s Ex-Girlfriend Seems To Have Fallen In Love Again

Avril Lavigne

Want to know if Tyga and Avril Lavigne are dating? Well, the Love It When You Hate Me singer recently ended her engagement with Mod Sun, and that caused a lot of drama online. Now, again, she has been making headlines for her new relationship. With whom? Well, it’s Tyga! Did they just confirm their dating rumors? Before that, let’s briefly discuss both- Tyga and Avril Lavigne’s prominence. 

Starting with Tyga is a versatile rapper and hip-hop singer, who has made several independent releases so far. Some of Tyga’s incredible hit works are- Stimulated, Feel Me, Cash Money, Girls Have Fun, Light It Up, Nasty, Sunshine, Freaky Deaky, Vida Loca, etc. Which one do you love listening to the most? You must listen to his 2019 studio album- Legendary. Well, Tyga is also known to people as Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend. 

On the other hand, Avril Lavigne is often called the “Pop-Punk Queen”, who earned fame mainly after the release of her second album, Under My Skin. Some of Avril’s hit music releases include- Losing Grip, My Happy Ending, I Fell in Love with the Devil, Rock n Roll, and Bite Me. Not to forget to mention, Avril appeared as the guest judge in the music reality show, American Idol. 

Coming back to the ongoing relationship rumors between Tyga and Avril Lavigne, it seems to be confirmed. The way they are appearing together and the evidence are also very much supportive of them, as a couple. If you are looking for the validity of whether Tyga and Avril Lavigne are dating, here are the details. 

Are Tyga And Avril Lavigne Dating?

Tyga and Avril Lavigne

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Tyga And Avril Lavigne: Are They Dating? 

It seems like Yes! In other words, Tyga and Avril Lavigne are rumored to be dating. As mentioned earlier, they appear together, more like a couple. You all may know, their relationship rumors have just started right after Avril and her ex-partner, Mod Sun broke up last month. Based on some of the hints Tyga and Avril are throwing up, reportedly gives everyone positive vibes regarding their relationship. 

Recently, Tyga and Avril Lavigne got spotted together, sharing a kiss and hugging each other. Where? Well, they were at the Mugler X Hunter Schafer Party in Paris, France. This rumored lovey-dovey couple sparks relationship rumors after making appearances during the Paris Fashion Week. No, they aren’t hiding anymore. 

Well, this was not the first time though. It was in February itself when Tyga and Avril were on their dinner date in a restaurant. As days passed by, Tyga and Avril continued getting spotted while holding hands with each other, strolling on the streets of Los Angeles. 

No. Neither Tya nor Avril Lavigne officially confirmed the news of their ongoing romance, on their social media accounts. But, who waits for that? It seems like this new couple is playing smart. In other words, Avril doesn’t seem like she wants to attract the media’s attention again, quickly after her breakup. But, she is already doing that, unknowingly. All of their eagle-eyed fans live very much convinced. 

Are Tyga And Avril Lavigne Dating?

Tyga and Avril Lavigne were spotted sharing a steamy kiss in public

Tyga and Avril Lavigne undoubtedly look good together. They do make an adorable couple. But, we wonder, for how long will their relationship works. We are hoping it to last forever. Not to forget to mention that Tyga and Avril, locking their lips romantically, that too in public is indeed a great sign to fuel their relationship rumors. So, things appear to have just started between the two. We aren’t sure if Tyga and Avril Lavigne are serious or are going with the flow. But, one thing is confirmed- Avril has moved on in her life, pretty quickly. The singer doesn’t seem to be emotionally affected much, after parting ways with Mod Sun. 

Things are good now! We are hopeful that Tyga and Avril Lavigne will make their relationship official, real soon. Best wishes to both! Make sure you follow both, Tyga and Avril, on their respective Instagram accounts, for more updates. 

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