What Happened to LFO? Here’s the Tragic Story of Band

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What happened to LFO?
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The 1990s were a decade filled with boy bands, and one of them was LFO. While the band did not really enjoy their success at the same level as the other boy bands of the era, such as NSYNC (Justin, Chris, Joey, Jason, and JC) and Backstreet Boys, they still made a name for themselves in the industry.

However, the group is more often overlooked, despite their success with the hit single “Summer Girls.” The rumored acronym “LFO” is said to be standing for Lyte Funky Ones, although they were unable to perform or release albums under the already-claimed name.

The group LFO was formed in 1995, and its three original members were Rich Cronin, Brian Gillis, and Brad Fischetti. By the year 1999, Gillis had left the group, and Devin Lima joined by replacing him. Rich, Devin, and Brad, were the three faces whom most 90s kids would most probably remember as the group which rocked the acing the charts with “Summer Girls” in 1999. Their band released two albums as well as a slew of singles which featured songs like “Can’t Have You” and “West Side Story.”

What happened to the LFO band? (Credits: Getty Images)

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What happened to LFO?

Unfortunately, the story of LFO took a disappointing turn after the early 2000s. Although they enjoyed having their appearance on Amanda Bynes,’ ‘The Amanda Show’ and also released their second album in 2001, soon after the three had split. But the members of the band still kept pursuing music. In fact, Devin and Brad even recorded a hip-hop album with each other.

In 2009, the band was permanently separated. The following year, the group’s founding member Rich Cronin passed away. Cronin was 35 years old at the time of his passing. The cause of his death was reported to be leukemia, which the singer had been battling for years.

As reported by Billboard, Rich recorded a final song in 2009 that reflected on his suffering from illness and his hopes for a pain-free future. Another LFO member, Devin Lima, left this world on November 21, 2018. Talking about the reason for his death, Brad Fischetti said that Devin was fighting a valiant battle with cancer, and unfortunately, he couldn’t make it.

Devin Lima had a last wish for his bandmate, Brad to tell the fans that Devin had “disappeared,” which came out to be featured in Brad’s tribute. Brad sadly told that Devin was a father of six children and would be sorely missed.

What Happened to LFO
LFO Band

How’s Brad Fischetti doing now?

Today, Brad Fischetti is the musical director for his church in Celebration, Florida. The place is a planned city situated right next to Walt Disney World. Brad has a big family, including his wife and five children ranging from three to 14 years. Brad continues to remember and mention both of his bandmates, along with maintaining to keep the legacy of LFO alive.

He also came into collaboration with fellow ’00s boy band O-Town for some recent tours, making the fans delighted and helping to commemorate his two bandmate’s lives. A spokesperson said for the band that, even though they might not have been the most popular or biggest stars of the ’90s, the three boys of LFO were a major part of the early music experiences of many kids.

Audiences and fans grieved at the fact that the two members of the LFO band had left forever tragically at a young age. Unfortunately, the LFO band can never reunite again!

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Brad Fischetti tells about the time he had in LFO, the pop-rap trio who were having run of hits around the turn of the millennium, which included the Abercrombie & Fitch song that one could not escape in 1999. He said that it’s easy not to take a moment and show some appreciation.

Well, the moment is over now because Brad is the last man standing, barely into middle age and already having lost and buried both his bandmates. In conclusion, LFO may have been forgotten by some as a boy band, but we cannot deny their impact on the music scene and on the lives of their fans.

Their brief moment in the spotlight and tragic end serve as a reminder for us to appreciate the talent and artistry of those who are around us. The determination of Brad Fischetti to tell the band’s story and for keeping their legacy alive is a testament to the enduring power of music and the bonds formed through shared experiences. Though the band LFO may be gone, they will always hold a special place in the hearts of all those who were touched by their music.

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