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Today’s Webtoon Episode 3 Release Date: I Will Achieve My Dreams One Day

Today's Webtoon Episode 3
Today's Webtoon

Today’s Webtoon Episode 3 will hit the streaming platforms within a matter of days, and the coming-of-age drama has successfully garnered itself a good set audience. In the world of mysteries, crime, and larger-than-life kdramas, Today’s Webtoon serves to be a slice-of-life genre. Ma Eum, though, was having a bit of difficulty fitting herself in her new world of webtoon editorial department still, she was doing everything with a smile.

However, a problem arises when the artist refused to write anymore, leaving the entire team scratching their heads. Will Ma Eum be one step closer to ensuring her role in her new world after cracking the solution to this problem? To know, stay tuned and keep watching Today’s Webtoon ep 3. 

What To Expect From Today’s Webtoon Episode 3?

Due to the circumstances, Jun-gyeong became frustrated, and before leaving, he gave Ma Eum an earful that everything is a facade and it was just a matter of time before the company dismissed her after a year. Will Ma Eum listen to this, and will it affect her work? Today’s Webtoon Episode 3 will explore many such aspects like this. It doesn’t seem like it, given the fact that she is such a strong-willed woman. She left her world of sports, something was her life after her ligament injury. However, that did not stop her from walking toward her dream. She landed a new role in the webtoon editorial department, which had nothing in common with the world of sports, the place where she belonged for kind of her entire life. 

Today's Webtoon Ep 3

A Still From The Series

Cut to artist Baek refusing to write anymore, Ma Eum, along with Seok Ji-Hyung, waits for days for him to return; however, guilt fills her heart as Ma Eum thinks that all of this happened because of her. She was the one who showed him those messages. Now, we know how much space artists hold in the heart of their fans. Naturally, artist Baek’s fans were disappointed due to the sudden withdrawal. 

Today’s Webtoon Episode 3 may also show how Ma Eum solves several problems that come her way due to their optimistic approach. She still believed that everything would just work out to be fine; however, it wasn’t the same with Jun-yeong. He was having a rather hard time with negative thoughts encircling his mind. 

Later on, Ma Eum found out that the issue may have been with the angle of Baek’s drawing. So instead of restricting himself, he started afresh. 

Today's Webtoon Ep 3

A Still From The Series

After the company dinner got over, Ma Eum and Jun-Yeong headed toward home. On their way, Jun-yeong wants to know the reason why Ma Eum looks forward to her job so much. He has to do odd jobs for the boss and was heading for resignation when a phone from Ma Eum forbids him to do so. Will the situation and Jun-yeong’s belief shift a bit in Today’s Webtoon Episode 3? 

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Where To Watch Today’s Webtoon Episode 3? Online Streaming Details

Ep 3 of Today’s Webtoon drama will release on its original network SBS Viki ViuTV. You can also watch the drama on the Rakuten Viki app. However, to watch the drama, you need to buy the Viki Standard Pass. The pass will enable you to watch the drama without any issues. You can watch the drama at 6:30 pm IST. For USA and Canada, it will be available around 9:00 am, for Australia, it will be around 11:00 pm, and for the United Kingdom, the timing would be around 2:00 pm. 

When Will Today’s Webtoon Episode 3 Release?

Today’s Webtoon Episode 3 will release on 5th August 2022. Ma Eum had a drastic change of career due to her injury. Though there are some rough edges, we can say that she gives her heart and soul to every role she is assigned to. With an ensemble cast and a sweet yet pinch of a chaotic storyline, Today’s Webtoon has all the elements to become a light watch one would love to binge-watch anything without diving into brainstorming theories. So don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of Today’s Webtoon Episode 3. 

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