Gunga Din Filming Locations: Where Is The 1939 Action Drama Shot?

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Gunga Din Filming Locations
1939 film "Gunga Din" (credits: YouTube)

Taking us back to the 19th century, Gunga Din surely could deliver the story of that time. However, in this article, we will see all the filming locations of the 1939 action drama Gunga Din. This film has caught a lot of attention from the viewers with its scenic locations.

The story is about three soldiers who are on an adventure to investigate a very important task that they are assigned. The best part of the film is that it has literally all the elements a person accepts in a drama, like its funny, adventure, as well as some serious setting.

The amazing cast of Gunga Din includes Cary Grant as Sgt. Archibald Cutter, Victor McLaglen as Sgt. MacChesney, aka Mac, Sam Jaffe as Gunga Din, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. as Sgt. Thomas Ballantine, aka Tommy, and Joan Fontaine as Emaline Stebbins, aka Emmy.

Other than the lead cast members, it also has Eduardo Ciannelli as Guru, Robert Coote as Sgt. Bertie Higginbotham, Montagu Love as Col. Weed, Abner Biberman as Chota, and Lumsden Hare as Maj. Mitchell, who did great justice to their roles. Gunga Din is directed by the epic George Stevens himself.

Gunga Din took its inspiration from the famous poem written by Rudyard Kipling in 1892. So, without any further ado, let us check out all of Gunga Din’s filming locations and a lot more. Let’s go!

1939 Gunga Din cast
Gunga Din (credits: YouTube)

Gunga Din Filming Locations

Though Gunga Din got released a long time the curiosity to know about its filming location is still fresh. The shooting of this black & white movie is just epic if we look at how old it is. The classic film is shot majorly in and around the United States, and we shall see about those in detail in the section further.

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California, USA

The majority of Gunga Din is filmed in California, and since it was an American at that time, there used to be very few facilities, which is why the shooting spots were narrowed down to very limited places. Some unknown places and streets of California were also used to shoot some of the scenes.

Alabama Hills, California, USA

Gunga Din’s prime scenes are shot in the Alabama Hills region in Inyo County. The Alabama Hills in Lone Pine was set as a perfect place that did complete justice to the essence and the magic that the film needed. The hilly, monumental, and aesthetic vibes of the place were the most suitable choice.

Where is Gunga Din shot?
Alabama Hills, California (credits: Sean Walker)

However, some street scenes were also taken for the film, and those were also taken on a street named Indian Springs Road nearby Alabama Hills.

Sierra Nevada

Since the scenes for the film needed a lot of hilly and raw backdrop, another mountain region called Sierra Nevada was used to shoot some very important scenes of the film. It is one of the very large mountain ranges, and it is indeed very beautiful.

Gunga Din plot
Sierra Nevada, California (credits: Getty Images)

You can visit Sierra Nevada as it is a tourist place and has national parks, waterfalls, and great nature that can be explored. Magical is the word for the place!

Buttes in Palmdale, California

The warm volcanic origin place Buttes in Palmdale, California, was also one of the filming locations for Gunga Din. Remember the scene in the movie of the second unit battle scenes? All those were shot here. Many famous films have also been shot in Buttes in Palmdale that, includes Star Trek: Nemesis, The Scorpion King, Swordfish, Sam Was Here, and many others. 

What is Gunga Din about?
Buttes in Palmdale, California, USA (Credits: Josh)

However, prior to the Alabama Hills, the Khyber Pass region was the first choice for the filming of the movie, but due to some complications there, the plans were changed, with eventually led to the different locations. For many days, the cast and crew stayed in their tents around the hill areas.

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So, these are all the filming locations of the ultimate classic Gunga Din. You can even visit some of these places; though places might differ a bit, the essence is still the same. Also, comment below if you have watched Gunga Din. Keep streaming!

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