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One Piece Chapter 1000 Spoilers Part 2: Worst Generation vs Kaido and Big Mom

There is a lot to talk about the One Piece Chapter 1000 as it is one of the most unprecedented feats for a Shonen manga. In the previous spoiler article, we talked about how the manga is reaching a critical point. Eiichiro Oda had already confirmed that One Piece’s story is in the final volumes of its glory. As the manga reaches chapter 1000, Oda is as excited as any other fan of the manga, and he looks forward to what is to come in this story. A critical tease was made in a recent interview. Shanks will be making a move in the coming year or so of the manga story. From this, we can be sure that it will only get more exciting from here on.

Ahead of the release of chapter 1000 on January 2nd, the spoilers for the chapter are out. As Oda mentioned, he has already finished the chapter at the time of the interview, and the information was going to be leaked sooner or later. Let us look at what is happening in the new chapter of One Piece.


Luffy finally makes it to the rooftop of Onigashima, helped by the Inuarashi Squadron getting through the hurdles at the 5th floor. Marco takes both King and Queen head-on, giving way for Zoro to get through to the rooftop. At the same time, the others from the worst generation, Kid, Killer, Law, have made it to the roof as well. This is the joint confrontation of the worst generation against Big Mom and Kaido. A full fight breaks out while the Akazaya Samurai get away from the action down to the lower floors. The Two Yonko are more interested in Luffy and the group that has appeared on the roof. Kaido calls Luffy out about his claims, what he is going to be. This is when Luffy attacks Kaido with the Red Hawk attack and yells out to both Big Mom and Kaido; I am the man who is going to be the King of the Pirates!

Yamato recalls the memories with Ace. She tells Momonosuke more about the things that Ace used to say about his brother Luffy. Sabo and Luffy used to laugh when Luffy would talk about become the Pirate King. However, they both knew that he is going to make it one day. Yamato gives Ace a Vivre card, and he left the island, not ever to come back again.

Chapter 1000 Impressions

The showdown between the Worst Generation and Kaido was sure to happen. This was a fight that everyone was waiting for, and Oda chose this chapter for it. Luffy was constantly struggling to get to the roof, having hurdles along his way. He could not fight each and everyone and waste the Stamina. Luffy was saving everything for the big match. And now, he is here. Face to face, with two yonko that have a point to prove against him. Both of them are looking for a way to find the One Piece before anyone else does, and as of now, they want to do it together. Big Mom and Kaido forget their differences to get the main goal.

Law, Luffy, and Kid are the main captains that have a brawl against them, mainly Kaido. They have experienced hell during their time on the Island, and while their goal was to take down Kaido in the first place, the events that unfolded have made them even more hostile to Kaido and his crew. Killer and Zoro are both strong first mates that are happy to help their captains out. Zoro has Oden’s sword that is the only weapon known to wound Kaido fatally. It’s five against two, and the chances for the bigger group look slim, but it is time for Luffy to push through the strength of Yonko.

The character dynamic between Ace and Yamato is amazing. Ace found out that the previous second fleet’s commander for White Beard Pirates was Oden, and Kaido killed him. Whitebeard never moved for him because they can’t go on war with another Yonko; the damage would be too great. However, Ace was eager to go and find out what happened to Oden. He arrives at the Wano Kingdom with a small crew and meets heavy resistance from Yamato.

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During the battle, they both realize that there is no gain in the fight. Yamato and Ace get together well and discuss the atrocities of Kaido at Wano. This is when they discuss Luffy. Ace tells Yamato that her little brother will outshine him and come to this island looking for a battle with Kaido. He will bring change to the world and become the King of Pirates one day. Ace and Sabo were sure that his brother would make it.


It is clear that Luffy and the other worst generation pirates are prepared with everything they got. They avoided any major fights, and the support from the rest of the raid force has led them straight to the big target. Kaido will have a lot of trouble. However, the Akazaya Samurai were sure to bring everything they had into their attacks, and Kaido survived facing all of them. To beat two of such monsters, they better bring out something really extraordinary to this showdown.

I think Luffy and others will not succeed in defeating the Yonko. It’s too big of a power difference right now. Still, I don’t mean it will be an immediate defeat. They have a lot up their sleeves and work together, and they can damage their opponents. However, the Island is in the air, and it will reach the flower capital. Another change in demography will occur, and after the chaos ends, the real final stand will commence. Luffy is expected to bring the best of his Haki abilities against Kaido this time. At least, this time, he won’t be done in one Thunder Bagua attack.

There are a lot more fights going on top of this major battle. All the Straw Hats are up against the major officers of Kaido’s crew. It will be a unique challenge for each one of the Samurai and their allies to get through this as victors. A major death was also teased a few chapters back, and it will be adding more drama to the mix as the stakes get even higher. Luffy is the one who will be getting the most out of this arc. If this force succeeds in crushing the Beast Pirates, Luffy is established as a major force in the New World and the man closest to the One Piece.

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